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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Iley Can See!

We got the call from Wal-mart at about 2:00 that Iley's glasses were in.  So as soon as the kids got home from school I loaded all of them up and headed to Hays to get them!  Kyndahl went with me for an extra pair of adult hands.....and moral support:)  We were so excited to see what Iley's reaction would be to the change.  Going from -1.75 to -9.0  Has got to be a trip!

This is the tech putting them on the first time just long enough to see where she needed to bend the ear piece.  When she took them off, Iley was like UHHHHH!!!!

Look at her getting excited:)  This was SO MUCH FUN TO WATCH!!
 You could just tell, she was like WOW!!!
 Then she started looking all around!  Checking everything in the store out.  She was so happy:)
 Just more happiness:)
We went to Wendy's to eat afterwards and she wouldn't eat for the longest time.  I kept telling her to hurry up and eat!!  But she just sat there looking around.....telling us that the table we were at was round, and the table next to us was square, and the individuals at the next table were boys, and then she'd point to Kyndahl and me and Wren and herself and sign girls.....and Harrison and Sherman and sign boys.....FINALLY she ate half of her hamburger.  But she was really more interested in checking everything out.   By this time Wren was done with her whole jr.bacon cheeseburger and 1/2 an order of fries.....had had several bites of my chili.....and was eyeing Iley's burger!!  I think she was thinking...."if the girls not going to eat it....pass it over!"

We actually went to Goodwill between Wal-mart and Wendy's......I bought the girls each a pair of slippers that didn't show much wear and are the easy slip on kind......and they LOVED them.  They are always stealing and fighting over mine.  Kyndahl found an interesting coat.......She says "It looks like a Golden Retreiver!!"  What do you think?

 What do you think Thatcher?  Need a "man's best friend:)"  Woof! Woof! Hee Hee.

And... "OF COURSE"  we visited the bathroom at Wal-mart!  BOTH of them decided they had to do a Big job:(  Do you have ANY idea how long this takes???  I bet we were in there AT LEAST 20 minutes!  I was wishing I had a magazine to read while I waited! Or at least a chair!  While Wren was "busy"......Iley sat on the baby changing table and goofed around......

 ......and ladies.....her glasses are dark PLUM.....NOT purple.

when it was Iley's turn.....(this really isn't fair is it!)  but she's so CUTE:)

Wren entertained herself with the hand dryer next to the changing table. 
 Don't judge her hair!!!  It's on Day 6 of no washing!  It probably would have stayed sticking up like this without the ponytail holder!
 Then it was my turn....RELAX....there are no pictures....but this may be too much info for some of you...feel free to skip to the next pictures! I sat them both up on the table....(hope there's not a 30lb weight limit or anything!  We had about 72lbs up there!.....but I digress.....I put them there to keep them from assisting me a little too much!  They want to check behind on each side....... to see how things are progressing.......check to see what under garments I'm wearing.....hand me 1/2 a roll of toilet paper......flush the toilet before I'm done......not a lovely feeling the door and leave me exposed....and them on the loose....or turn off the lights....all of this makes it EXTREMELY difficult for someone with an already shy bladder to get their business attended to!!  So I love when the changing table is in the stall with me.....or we can find a family bathroom with one!  I put them up there and they can't get down:)   This is exhausting folks!  And we haven't even started to get groceries yet!  

Now moving on to less interesting every day activity.

Okay backing up to breakfast ....I think this was Wednesday.  Another chummy morning. Good close as they are sitting and all.....I think I could have saved a plate and cup from  getting dirty. 

 Then Iley showed her her eggs......and Wren has her hand under her chin to "show mom"

 Look Mom!  Not sure why I needed to see this?
 But ...They were so amused!

 Trying to get Iley to was like a slow progression....getting a little better each time...but still kind of missing it!  She flopped here after Wren left with Mrs. Kay.  It always takes her a little bit to find something to do with herself once sis leaves.

The next 3pics are after Wren gets home from sign class, but before preschool.  We are always running a few minutes late....(sorry Mrs. Betz!)....but when Wren gets home, she is in full swing to play mode.  I have to let her go for a little bit before I can get them to sit down and eat.  it's a fine line....If I push her too hard she gets stubborn, and then it's a bad afternoon for her teachers. 

A bit of drama for you.....Wren is Waving Iley.......

 Right this way maam...

after you.....

 Get my purse hitched up here.......

...and they're off:)    Dontcha love the purse:)

 This was after all 4 of them got home.  The girls were buried under this blanket.......because......
 .....SHERMAN.....was firing missiles at them!...a tomato....
 .......and a cucumber.

 Ha Ha! Got Iley right on the head!  They were laughing hysterically!

 Then he took turns packing them around rolled up in the mom screeches "careful with her head!!!.......but they loved it.

 Then Wren put this little table.....which she hauled all the way down the stairs.....on the chair??? 

 When she vacated the "house".....Iley moved right in.

Snack time.....they got themselves wedged in here.....then couldn't get out....yeah we tried to tell them it wouldn't work too well....but they have to try it for themselves.

 This was after Wren left with Mrs. Kay this morning.  Iley actually stayed out for about 10 minutes by herself and played!!!! 

Wren rides the bus home at 11:20 from signing class.....and I take them back for preschool.  She always comes running in:)

 Then has to stop and "talk" to us...with much hand waving and lip moving....and no sound.
 Then we get a reverting back to China moment.  It's been a little while since we've had the peace signs.

Wren is continuing to heal up nicely.  She gets her stitches out tomorrow, and I'm hoping the doctor gives us the go ahead to wash her hair! We will  take her to our family doctor for this instead of driving all the way to KC.   She's off of the "big" pain killers now, and is just taking tylenol .  I give her her last 3 doses of antibiotics tomorrow...YAY!  3 doses a day meds.....are hard to remember.....BUT.....I don't think I missed even one dose!!!  Pat Pat......ok I'm done now.   


  1. Well. . . now I know why people LOVE golden retrievers so much!!! They really are MUCH more beautiful than I remembered!! :) :) I feel sure that Thatcher DOES want one. . . . 'specially with him being the 'bearded Bernard' & all!!! hee hee. . Love the weird & wild hair going on, & the new glasses are darling, & so is she. . . .yes, even on the toilet;) I think all your 'help' in that area is VERY entertaining, myself:) :) Also the glasses look black to me on the blog . . . so all is good!! thanks for keepin us up to speed on all the happenings at your house. . . .xoxo

  2. Iley's expression with her new glasses is priceless! I remember that feeling of "Wow, I didn't realize things had distinct edges!" How wonderful for her. Can't believe she wasn't complaining of headaches all the time!? Happy Wren is doing well; have fun washing her hair:) Love & Blessings, Jen

  3. How exciting for you and Iley both with her new glasses. She will LOVE seeing new things now and everything around her. She can see how beautiful her momma is now. :) What little darlings they are. I'm sure you are so anxious to wash Wrens hair and it will probably feel pretty good to her too even though i'm sure it hasn't bothered her near like her momma. :) Keep the pictures coming. LOVE to see them. Love you all.

  4. You are crackin' me up. Like totally making me lol. Ohhhh man. I am so thankful you were open to adopting both of these lil stinkers. They just would not be the same without each other. Your life would be way too calm. ;P

    The glasses are adorable, and that is awesome that she can SEE. I'm excited to see Wren's progress.

    Awesome that Kyndahl is around to help. The coat is um, well, a little too furry.:)

    1. Not to worry! She didn't purchase it! Only laughed at it:)

  5. What is this p...URP....le??? word you keep talking about? Actually, I swallowed my strong dislike for that horrid color and have a couple shades of it in Sarena's closet, just in case. Love seeing Iley seeing for the first time!! It looks like Wren is recovering nicely. You are doing the right thing by letting Wren're a good mommy! ((HUGS))

  6. Judy, I love all your photos! I'm so thankful that my girls are older! I would not have the energy to keep up with your two. You have my highest admiration!

    I love Iley's reaction once she could actually see! It's a whole new world for her! Wren is doing so well! I just love her purse...she is such a girly girl!

    I hope Kyndahl passed on that...."golden retriever" coat! (hehe)!

    I really do love keeping up with the girls! Thanks for continuing to blog. I know first hand how difficult it can be to find the time!

    1. NO WORRIES! Kyndahl DEFINATELY passed on the coat! She was totally grossed out by it:) And she had a golden retreiver growing up!

      I actually have found that I enjoy blogging:) So as long as I'm able....I will.

  7. Loved your blog as always, especially Ileys reaction to the glasses, love it. What joy, we take so much for granted.