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Monday, September 10, 2012

Yellow Day

Today was Yellow Day at preschool.....we are some what yellow wardrobe challenged! This is all the yellow I could come up with.  I love their cute little brown legs!:)  But I DO wish they would dress those poor dolls!

 Wren is ready for her teacher to pick her up....Iley is always ready too...and then has to wait:(

Kyndahl comes home and shows the boys her new tennis shoes for work.....Sherman says "you bought those? I thought you said Harrisons are tacky?"

Harrison says he needs new jeans cause his legs are too white to wear shorts.  He says it looks dumb to have white legs in shorts.
Sherman says who cares?!  Just wear what you want.
Harrison says..yeah but you don't care what you look like, you just put on clothes and hope they fit!

Snack time....thanks for the fruit snacks Aunt Gwen......I had to divide them four ways.....everyone wanted some!

The driver........
The passenger........and the nearly blind...and deaf....truck driver!
 She is normally a pretty good driver but the eye patch was throwing her off big time!  Look at Iley's face!LOL! Sherman said Wren was all over the place with her driving.
 Iley looks a bit worried.....she finally signed "finished!" Ha Ha.
 The next time they came by, they looked like this!
 The truck!!!!  SAVE the TRUCK!!!
 .....the poor truck!!!  I think the weight limit has been exceeded!!!


  1. LOVE seeing all the happenings at your house. :) Caleb and I was laughing at the Save the Truck picture the one from behind. So nice of Sherm to help steer. :) And I like Kyndahls new tennis shoes.

    1. I think Sherman liked them too....he was just surprised that Kyndahl picked them out. He was just saying that if she didn't like Harrisons, why did she like those. In his VERY blunt way.

  2. 1. love the pictures of the girls against that white door.
    2. Harrison- I can show you real deal white legs.
    3. Hilarious about truck driver Wren. Iley does look a bit tense. :)
    4. Awesome shot of the red truck with bowed out wheels. Too good.

    Thanks for the laughs!

    ps. I keep forgetting to say that there is something about Ileys looks or expressions that remind me of Will. I could be completely off since I only see him a couple times a year, but... I don't know... maybe it's the eyes? But I think the expressions too. Whatever it is, I love it.

    1. Now I want to go stare at Will! I rarely see him any more either so I will pay special attention next time I do see him:) He IS adorable though;)