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Monday, September 17, 2012

Update on Iley"s surgery

It is NOT least not now.  Some where along the way between the Cardiologist in KC and the Surgeons at Mayo....we had a miscommunication.  I called up to Mayo last week to get some details on what we needed to do to get ready etc.........they said. "we have no surgery date at this time"  WHAT????? what you are saying is we will drive 11 hours to meet with a doctor so he can see Iley in person, and do another echo cardiogram that she's already had done once....and this doctor has already  looked at it...then turn around and drive 11 hours home to wait for a future surgery date????  ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!!!!! UGH!!!!!!  That's a stinking 22 hours in the CAR with 2 five year olds, a whole lot of gas, a motel bill........sigh.........a baby sitter for the ones left at home......then sometime in the near future.....we get to do it all again!  Ok I'm done ranting.....since there's not a single thing I can do about it.  But for the record.....I think it's a rotten deal!

We ARE still on schedule for Wren's surgery though! October 5th for bilateral cochlear implants!  YAY!

Now onto life around here since last Thursday.  Not too interesting, but here's the pictures.

People ask me all the time how the boys are doing.  They are doing amazing with the girls.  They are SUCH GOOD big brothers!  They dote on, pack, and entertain these two little pixies.  They have to kiss them goodnight and the first thing in the morning, they are wondering if they can get them up.....the answer is NO!!!!  Let them SLEEP!   BUT.... They also padlock their bedroom doors to safe guard their possessions, and are not above setting up a distraction so they can sneak off with their friends for boy time!  And yes they get highly annoyed at them too. But for the most part.....they are my HEROS!  I LOVE them ALL! 

Sherman carrying Iley in from  the bus.....because it's easier than waiting on her......
 Harrison holding Wren's hand on the way up the sidewalk....walking patiently at her speed...which granted...IS faster than Iley's:).....AND......she's much heavier to carry!
 First thing Friday preschool....out comes the DREADED play dough:(  I'm SUCH a bad mom!!!  I HATE play dough!  It's SO messy!!  Wait...maybe I at least get points for allowing play dough???

 Then they moved their operations across the kitchen ......wouldn't want to keep the mess contained to one area after all......that would be much to easy to clean up!

 See that lovely pile of play dough...nicely heaped on the side......well it must have evaporated up on to the ceiling....and condensated.......and RAINED PLAY DOUGH!!!!!!!  NO ONE knew how the play dough ended up COVERING the entire kitchen?????  Some times the comprehende eeengleeesh .....look is SO HANDY!!!!!!  Have I already feelings for Play dough???

 Moving on.........update on the beard growth. This is at 3 weeks. I agree with Kyndahl...thumbs DOWN:(
 Here she hugs him and says "I LOOOVE YOU."  He kisses her........
 Then she says "Are you so excited about going with me to pick out color swatches for the wedding?"  I think his face says it all!  I told her if she wants to take someone who will be one of her girl friends or mothers!!
 Sherman was sticking up for Thatcher...something like "you're going to make him go with you to do that?  How Boring"

 This is Saturday evening before we left for Sherman's game.  I got the girls all dressed and thought they looked so cute......and since  Aunt Gwen's tired of the white door....I took them out on the porch to TRY to get some cute pictures of them.  They were a little less than theses are just real life shots.  Iley will usually willingly pose for a picture...she just doesn't always know exactly what expression I want....and she has plenty of expressions in her arsenal!!  Wren on the other hand decided she wasn't going to stop, or look at the camera! 

Iley was singing here.....don't remember what...but she had plenty of hand movements to go with it.  You can't tell in the pictures, but she had her feet crossed and was propped on the pole.

 I think I told her the girl on her shirt was she had to check...she really isn't smiling either....oops.
 Wren....busy........not looking.......
 still not looking.......and NOT gonna stop...... (did you notice the girl on her shirt has cute black glasses too..she was pleased at that....don't mom deserve a picture for buying you such a cute shirt??  NOT today.)
 She keeps forgetting that she has a mother that can be just as stubborn as she is.  I sat her on the railing, where she had to sit still and hold on......or fall off...........but she still wouldn't LOOK at me. 

 She's so adorable.....and won't let you get a good picture of her! 
 She's getting a little peeved at me here!

 This is at the game......they love walking and climbing on the bleachers.

 Snacks: ....for Iley...a bag of dry cereal.....for Wren, a bag of 6 little smokies.  One Loves carbs, the other loves her meat.

 They were holding hands here.  They went up and down these steps many times.  Wren would jump down one step......then Iley would jump....then Wren would jump one more.....then Iley.....always holding on to each other:)  So cute:)
 If you have instantly have 2 new beggars friends.

 We went to Pizza Hut after the game.....
 ...but waiting on pizza is SO boring!!!!

 While some put their bibs on their head for entertainment.....others played football strategy with all the salt and cheese shakers.

Moving on.........Sunday after church, Ash swung the girls while we fixed lunch. 
 That's a lot of ruffly pink skirt going on.
 I think he was growling at know... to add to the excitement.
 This is a good picture of how she feels about the eye patch.  We have been trying to patch for 4 hours in the evenings on school days, and 8 hours on Fri. Sat. and Sun.......Sunday we had to cut it short.  She was beyond cooperating, and it was not going to end pretty!  I can't say that I really blame her.....but what do we do??
 Clean and jammied...watching a cartoon ...while mom mops up the bathroom.....they can get more water on the floor than a whale!  Iley's English is improving....she hollers from the bathroom....."MA......water.....floor......Wren.......again."  There was a pause between each word while she thought up the next one!  Poor Wren wasn't looking at her and had no idea she had just been ratted out!  She looked a little startled when mom came stomping in.  Don't let their innocent look fool you!

 See Aunt Gwen....the reason we use "the white door" because the other option is so ugly....and we have to shut the doors so you can't see how messy the rest of the house is:)
 Wren wasn't posing for no How.
 So of course Iley is that how we are supposed to be acting.........NO Iley it's NOT!
 ...or like this either!
 I give up lets go outside to ride bikes and watch for Mrs. Kay.


  1. Are you through with the color of the day? I love, love, love the outfits in this blog! Girlie, girlie, girlie! Fun to see the boys, big and small(er),and Kyni, too!! Even got to see Troy's face a bit! :) Miss seeing yours this time! I am laughing at Iley's string on her glasses! Did she want it 'cause Wren has one? Wren looks bigger all of a sudden. :( She also looks a "wee leetle bit" stubborn! Well, she may have met her match! Miss Iley-wiley is such a card! She makes me laugh with all her antics. She is so expressive! Tell Harry and Sherm hello from us. I laughed at Iley rejecting Sherm! Now he knows how I have felt since he has been born!! He never wants me to love on him or tell him he's cute or any form of cuddling!! Served with his own sauce!

    Love to all,
    Aunt G

  2. After 4 boys and years of jeans and's so fun to dress girls:) They love their frills too, so that makes it even more fun. Of course Ileys glasses string is because Wren has one! They have both grown a lot! and stubborn????? ah yes... remember the update that said."has a little stubborn" Uh huh! They were NOT kidding!

    1. It was really cold out this morning when I took these pictures. I think Iley's lips look a little blue:(