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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Red and Blue Days

Tuesday was the first day back to school and they were supposed to wear red.  Wed. was picture day, so they could wear whatever mom wanted them to wear. (I forgot to take a picture!) Then today, Thursday was blue day.

 Thursday, dressed in blue, playing before school time.

 Does anyone else wonder why every baby is totally naked........and they are carrying around a container FULL of cute doll clothes......???  We also have 2 naked Barbies laying around somewhere too.

Iley was already tired of her sleeves and shoving them up.  I went ahead and just rolled them IS supposed to be 96* today:(

Ready and waiting for Mrs. Kay.  Wren is telling Iley that she can't go.  I'm going.  Not in so many words, but she's kind of getting the point across.

 A little smug???
 a little sad??
watching them pull out...

 ....maybe pouting just a little.......nawwww not Iley......she never pouts!LOL

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  1. I LOVE the pictures of them with their hello kitty backpacks and arms around each other. CUTE. Love watching these little darlings. Couldn't hardly keep my eyes on the game last nite with them. They are so entertaining. Love ya.