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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Color...that used to be.

I have certain friends that have been permanently scarred by the color.....they can't handle it in any shade because of it's over use by a person they know....they call it "the color that used to be" and have struck it from their color wheel.  One even sent me an email that said "Oh no, I just had a terrible thought, will they force a purple day on small children?? There should be LAWS against such as that!!!
 I'm afraid so! The note sent home from preschool said ~ Thursday: Purple.......I will call this egg spare their sensibilities:)
 I was busy getting Wren ready and had her stand in front of "the door"....when I turned around...Iley was standing there...stark naked!!!  They obviously have no issues with nudity.....their dolls...or their own!  She looks concerned doesn't she!

I divided the purple egg plant up between the two of them:) One on top, the other on the bottom.  I think it's high time to retire this dress of Iley's!  Either she's grown......or it has shrunk!  I think it's a size 2T!
 Iley kept leaning too hard and falling through the door (it doesn't latch) into the bathroom....she was cackling about it.  Wren would sign "no no no" to her and shut it......only for Iley to do it again!
 Then Wren signed "silly".....I agree......yes Iley is SILLY!  She also pointed to the rained on rugs on the way outside, and with an ewww face, signed WET.  People.......we are gaining language!  One slow word, by one slow word!  Never take the language your children know and over hear and pick up for granted!  It should be a CRIME to allow a child to live in total silence with no language!  With No way to label anything in their environment, no way to tell you they were jumping on the trampoline, and fell and scratched their leg, no way to tell you who someone in a picture is, because all they have is a picture of them in their head....with no name to go with it.  No way to tell you how their day at school was, or who they played with or how their feelings were hurt. Or what makes them happy.  Or what is making her so frustrated.  Communication is vital for relationships. How do you explain that she is going to have surgery to help her hear..what's hear?  How do you explain that when the timer goes off....THEN you get a turn having the flyswatter (yes it's fought over! IT's a new one shaped like a house that the pest control guy left)  Another mom of a deaf child and I were discussing some of the things they do that drive us smashing her face fiercly against mine to the point it hurts, or pressing her face and chin in my hand. hard.  Touching, touching touching, rubbing my arms, my legs, my face, wanting touch always.  She said she thinks it's because they want to have a deeper relationship, and connect more, but they don't have the tools needed. Sad!  AND FRUSTRATING!  For her. For us.  Thank God for your childrens language!  We feel the language barrier less and less with Iley because she knows what language is, and how to use it.  She's had language.  It's not foreign.  She knows things have names and wants to know what they are called now.  But when she's sad, or frustrated she doesn't have the words she needs to communicate either.   You I being too hard on her for throwing a fit?  Is she greiving....or just being stubborn and trying to control us?  Is she mad, sad, tired, hungry, JUST TELL ME PLEASE!!! 
 They were chasing each other around the tree while waiting for Wren's teacher.  When she got here, Wren wouldn't get into the car until she had kissed Iley goodbye...several times....I finally had to just put her in...she kept trying to look around me and wave at Iley and sign "I Love You" to her....then she looks at me.... sort of like "oh yeah...the round headed kid" and remembered to kiss me good bye.  EXCUSE ME!!! WHO got up 4 times in the night last night because you cried out???  It sure wasn't Iley! Sheesh. oh well....I am SO SO glad they are bonding and like each other ......most of the time.
Then back inside to finish getting Iley ready.  We had to add a little purple....I can't call it anything her hair.

 I'm not sure what the pool float is all about.....or why it's blown up....or in the house.  It came from the deep dark depths of "Mr. Mess's room"  That is a scary place folks!    I'm sure the pelican was glad to escape.

 Perched on top of Big brother Harrison eating her gogurt.....he was making her bear talk, or dance or something.
This was before school....before Wren got up....she looks thrilled with all her fans don't she.  She has this ongoing rejection of Sherman.  He has to bribe her to let him hug her.  She really loves him,  She just knows he wants her she won't.  When he doesn't really act like he cares...she's fine.  Stink pot.  Wren on the other hand....will take lovin from anyone any time.


  1. ok. . . ok. . ."the color that used to be" is good on your sweet pixies. . . .I would say ONCE every, ummm 6 months ought to be PLENTY!! Don't get it in your blood though, it IS a decease & will need treatment. . .if you get the urge to like. . .spray paint your porch swing, (or the porch, house, husband, etc. . . .) PLEASE get professional help, & QUICKLY!!! :) :)

  2. And where would you find a purple addiction therapist?? Do you call it Color Purple Anonymous?? Is there a 12 step plan to over come the urge to paint things purple, buy things purple, wear things purple, decorate in purple, carpet the house in purple, wallpaper in purple.......Ha Ha..I really do understand WHY you hate's funny to the rest of us:) love you!

  3. Your girls are absolutely precious! How long have they been home for?!

    1. Their Gotcha Day was April 23rd. We got both of them at the same time, and they are 2.5 months apart in age. Both 5. So they have been home for a little over 4 months.