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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Mayo Trip 1

Settled in for the LOOOONG ride!
 Helping Dad pump gas.

So we get up early...wake up the girls......rush to our appointment.....and sit....... and wait....... for an hour and a half:(  I like the idea someone had......Doctors office's should be like Pizza Joints....30min. or it's free!!

I told you it was early!  Look how dark it still is, and those poor half frozen babes!  It was a little chillier up in MN!  Their coats were in the truck..which Dad had gone to get.  Iley's lips are BLUE!
 The chariot has been spotted!

The nice gentleman behind the girls pulled the chairs over right in front of the TV so they could watch cartoons.  Him and his wife were getting a kick out of the girls.  I guess if nothing else....we provided entertainment to the rest of the waiting room.
When our pager finally went off and it was our turn, we went into the room where her echo cardiogram was done.  They brought a couple of warmed blankets for Iley since she had to take off her dress.  Then she just lay  there watching a Barney show....while Troy and I nearly died of boredom....and Wren roamed the lap...flop, twist, turn.......back to Troy's lap...bounce, flop, lap...back to Troy's....while the doctor in training did the echo.....then the real technician did it again!  When they were done, they said the doctor would look at them and see if HE wanted to come in and get even more pictures.  They said it would take about 10 minutes....HA  we waited another 25min.  Then they moved us down to a consulting room to see the Doc.  I have to say we REALLY like him.  But when he came in and sat down and asked "so why are you here?"  " just for a second opinion?" I wanted to choke him! (or some one!)  Seriously????  You don't know why we are here......we don't know why we are here....soooo .....WHY ARE WE HERE???  We found out from him....the same thing the cardi in KC told us...nothing summer would be fine.   So Iley's surgery is postponed.  This Cardiologist did tell us that her heart defect is one of the more rare kind.  Only 3 places in the US do the surgery for it.  He said when he started working at Mayo during his residency he thought the ebsteins anomaly was a really common defect since they did so many....not realizing it was because it was one of the only places that did them.  They will do a tricuspid valve repair, NOT a replacement.  This is a good thing.  It works great in kids, and will hopefully grow with them better.  They use tissue from the side wall to reconstruct the valve if there is enough tissue there.  He said Iley looked like a great candidate for it.  Praise God.  He asked all about the girls, and said a couple of times "God Bless you guys"  I wonder if he's a believer..or if that's just a formality??  He was SUPER nice!  and very personable!  Never acted like he needed to rush off....(probably the reason we waited for and hour and a half?)

All done and headed back to the parking garage.

I don't think I have EVER waited in line for an elevator!!  At least not one this long!  We were smashed in too!  This was one busy place!

 Back on the road again........watchin car toons with my friends.....yes... I'm back on the road again.
Stopped to eat on the way home, and as we are waiting to be seated....Wren decides she has to potty....nothing new here....but as she was taking a looooong time to get the job done, I sat Iley up on the changing table.....that happened to be straight across from Wren's stall....she entertained herself, and Wren while waiting.

 This girl has more crazy faces than a monkey!

 I give up!!!  This is taking all day!  It WAS a while!  Troy was about to come in and see what was up.
Playing with their "dolls" at the motel.  Wren usually has this doll, and Iley almost always has a stuffed animal.  The were holding the dolls hands and dancing around in a circle.

 Then they tripped over something...or nothing.......and fell in a heap giggling.
 The first thing we do when we enter a motel room is unhook the phone.  This is the favorite toy bar none.  It is drug all over the room to various work places......and many imaginary conversations.  The next thing is to check all the drawers and drag out the phone books, the Bible, the room service guides, the channel guides....anything that's not nailed down.

 Putting the cart away at Wal-mart....where we stopped on the way home for a few things...and to wake Wren up who was dozing off at 7:00pm.  NOT GOOOD!!!  I kept shaking her leg.  She'd open her eyes and look like she was looking at me and go right back to sleep.  So we walked her around Wal-mart:)  She made it the rest of the way home.

 Move it sister!
Home again!  Trying on and posing in their new sock hats....and Sherman's slippers.

 The reason I have to call the Dentist first thing Monday morning:(  see that permanant tooth coming in behind?  There's another one coming in that you can't see too.  The baby teeth aren't even loose.  AND her gums are purple and tender right under them:(  This is Iley by the way.

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