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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Sunday, September 30, 2012

parade and game

Guess I have to catch up since Thursday!  Where does the time go?  Evie, Grace and Hans got off the bus here for an hour or so today. The boys and Evie were outside.....I won't say they "ditched" the littles...but they weren't sorry when they wanted to go inside and play.  Wren kind of played by herself, and wandered in and out of the others' play.

Grace and Iley hit it off today.....after the initial meet and greet was over.  When they first got off the bus and came inside, everyone was talking at once and must have overwhelmed Iley or something??? She burst into tears and wouldn't have anything to do with any one. 

Hans mentioned sorrowfully several times that he didn't have anyone to play with....mostly it was no one to play Legos or farm with.......and who can blame him for not wanting to push a pink stroller??  He chatted with me in the kitchen and showed me how his 4 wheeler with 3 wheels could do a wheelie.  He said "pretty cool huh!"  Yep I had to agree:)

Friday morning.... chatting over their eggs.

This was so funny!  I heard the girls bumping around and making noises in the utility room that I didn't recognize.....always a good idea to check it out.......I walked back there and didn't see them......went around the corner and looked in the bathroom, and laundry......still didn't see them, but I could still hear them?????  When I came back around the corner I saw this.  I didn't even realize they would fit in here!

Friday afternoon was the homecoming parade.  Thought it would be fun to take them to the parade to see Sherman on the football float.  I had to look up the sign for parade, and band!  Kyndahl and Thatcher met us there.  The girls were glad to see them:)

This looks like a good leaning post.

Iley's always wanting to do everything Wren does......even eye patching!  I won't let her put on a real one because I'm afraid she won't want to leave it on as long as Wren has to.  Then when she takes it off.....Wren will think she can too.  But that doesn't stop her from using her own form of eye patch.  This one happens to be the sticker she got yesterday on her field trip.  It says "I met a dairy farmer today".   Whatever makes you happy dear!

We spotted some bright yellow shoes Harrison across the street hanging out with some of his classmates. (Who picked out his clothes today???  It wasn't mom!)  But I Love that boy:)

Sherman #83 riding on the football float:)  Not too cool to wave to his lil sisters:)   Love that:)

And the best part of parades.....THEY THROW CANDY AT YOU!  who knew??  Wren promptly sat down to enjoy her loot.

We were standing out in the street watching the cheerleaders do their games....Iley kept signing "sit"...I said just a minute, and turned around to watch a little more........she wasn't kidding! 

This is Miley, and Iley.  They go to preschool together:)

Miley would dig up the silt, and bring it over for Iley to smooth out.  They were too short to see over the crowd to see what the big kids were doing so it got a little boring.

Saturday morning , as they were headed out the door with their babies and strollers..... it struck me...."There is a WHOLE LOTTA PINK goin on here!"   Wren hauled her stroller down the stairs herself...
Then came back to help the helpless.

Off to conquer the their jammies!

A LOT little later in the morning....Kyndahl came down and curled up on the couch........she was soon joined by the other natives.

Saturday after lunch, Babba and the girls headed to the shop to build a corner cabinet for the girls room.  We've decided to put them in twin beds.  They are waking each other up in the Queen bed together.  We've figured out the reason Wren keeps waking up at about 7:00am. is that's about the time Iley wakes a little, and starts rocking....which shakes the bed enough that Wren wakes up.  Once she opens her eyes and figures out it's morning....there is NO going back to sleep.  SO.....we are separating them.  This will also give them more floor space in their bedroom.

Babba has such good help!

Iley very carefully positioned her pencil behind her ear.....just like daddy......

 ......then added another one for good measure.

I'm sure he's going to hire them to train the new employees the proper way to clamp a board...?

 Then it was time to paint say I had interested interference observers...would be an understatement!

 Don't you love the "balloon doll" Iley is carrying around! 
All done with the first coat of paint.
Now it's time to get cleaned up and head to Sherman's foot ball game.

Kyndahl had barely got sat down.......when she knocked her purse through the crack to the ground...
 But Wren cheerfully brought it up for her....It was about as big as she was:)

 And if Kyndahls's a pretty good guess that this guy isn't far away:)  And yes...the beards still growing....and NO we still don't give it a thumbs up!  But we love the boy:)

Ash was playing defense of another kind.
 They would go down these steps.....around the front of the bleachers.......
 Then crawl up the front.....over and over.

 Off to get a hot dog at the concession stand with Harrison.

 What a couple of good looking guys:)  Sure glad they're mine!

 Iley was on Thatchers phone taking pictures of everything...and nothing........
 Wren was a few rows up on Ash's phone.....doing the same thing.........
 Then they had to get together to compare their pictures:)
    These guys are so good with their little sisters:)  Love all my Boys and Girls!


  1. Whole lotta pink...isn't that what you dreamed of?!!! Happy for you that it's been fulfilled ;)

    I don't comment often but check regularly for's not extremely convenient to post comments from my phone...anyway, it's so fun to keep up with your excitement & progress :)

    Bless you always

    1. The pink is fun...the drama...not so much! I saw your little girl playing with Evie today:) She looks great:)

  2. I love reading about the girls! How awesome that their big brothers are so good with them. It seems they are always busy! Bless your heart! That's one advantage I have with the older girls!

    When is the wedding? Have they set a date?

    1. Busy???? my girls?? nawww. Ok...maybe just a little:) The wedding is set for January 12th.
      I love reading about your girls too:) Isn't it so awesome that both our sets are such good friends! Love seeing that friendship grow!
      Blessings to you dear!

  3. The favorite part of my day, really...reading your blog!!! So wonderful to see so much of you all today. Don't we need to go wedding dress shopping, would love to help you pick out your you would really need my help, HA! Just trying to think of a reason to get together. Have a great week.

  4. Awww! You are always so sweet:) I do love you:) Wedding dress.......Now there is a reason I didn't even think of....and it's a legitimate one at that! I need to go with someone who will tell me....."that one's not working for you dear" or "I like that one better".....and some one my age who will know whats age appropriate:) Lets set a date:) before the Christmas Crazies begin!!!

    1. How about a girls (us 3 besties) trip to Wichita or Salina? Find a day that works for you and I'll check my dates. Does week days or weekends work best? And I promise to be lovingly honest if you take me along...Ha. Ohhhh, I'm getting antsy just thinking about it. Email me if you like, I have a new one, will send it to you. ((hugs))