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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

More White Door pictures

I'm trying to there a book or something called "through the looking glass"?  Well maybe I should have titled this one....through the white door.  Every time I try to take pictures against "the white door"...someone leans on it and it flies open.  Which ALWAYS amuses the Cricket.  She's cracking up here!  It was Ash this time.

 Check out her feet and Ash's:)  They neither one even knew they were the same pose.

 The big brothers have to pry themselves loose from the death grip holds when they stop by.

The Cricket is always ready to pose!  She had to have her hat cause Ash had one on.

 Wren had already left for her sign language classes, so Iley was "all alone by the white door" (hey that would make a good title) here.


You still under there?

They both thought this was so funny!

 They were headed out the door.....but mom says WAIT.....we didn't take a picture in front of the white door yet!  Come back!
 Doing their duty pose for mom.......

But they never stay dutiful for long!  You know, they really do communicate in their own way... and "get each other:)"  As hard as two at once has been.......It does my heart good when they interact like this:)

They are playing together more and more.  They go all over outside now.  For the longest time Iley would never venture off the patio.  Now she goes clear out to "the fire pit", the basket ball court, the swing set and the front porch.  She even .....don't faint....TOUCHED the dog! Gasp!  But only once....and I was holding his head so the scary teeth were muzzled.  But at least they don't have to be penned up for her to go outside!  They can still scrap with the best of them, and are not above biting, pinching, scratching,or slugging...... but their moments of togetherness are more and more.

 Iley decided right after supper....before we had even cleaned off the dishes.....that she wanted to paint......well actually....I think she might have been signing paint because she wanted the pictures they painted at school today.....but being the BAD mother that I am.....I had already pitched them! GASP!  I know. I know.  How could I?  They bring home at least 3 papers a day....each...we would be buried in papers if I kept them all.  These were just water color paint on a coloring book page........How am I supposed to know which one they are going to remember???  It  didn't look really special??
  Of course Wren wanted to paint too.

 .....and even tasted a little paint water....don't worry, it's non toxic.....hey you never know til you try after all.....and it was a lovely red......she hadn't mucked it up to the usual brown color of paint water yet......then she stuck the paint brush up her nose...which about makes me sneeze just to type........her big sis Kyndahl was NOT impressed!LOL  She's said several times since living here.....I am SO not ready to have kids!
 Awww Kyndahl.....just look at those cute little brown hands and kool aid grins:)

 Iley was intently, and enthusiastically using up all the green paint!  We had to move the casserole for fear of it getting paint splattered.....not the topping of choice.

 One of the simple pleasures in life that I got to be there to see them enjoy!  Licking the goodies off the cooking utensils:)  Wren was even generously lick for you......two licks for me.....good thing Iley's not paying much attention!

For those of you who are wondering if Iley is talking more..YES!  She is using more and more words all the time.  Tonight as I was getting ready to get them out of the tub I asked if she was ready to get out and she says... "uh huh"....then....unprompted..... "I wan to watch a moofie"".  I sometimes let them watch a couple of Tom and Jerry episodes while I clean up the usually looks like the splash zone at the Shamu show!  and it keeps them from getting all the toys..... that we most likely just had a battle over to get picked up...back out!   It's so funny to hear her try a new sentence because there is usually very little expression or pitch change.  She's so focused on getting the thought in to words, that she says it really flat.   Or she will say "I like a bath uh huh yep"  "I need to go potty" "done mama"  more and more every day!  The teachers are even really noticing. 

Wren is using more signs each day too, and just becoming more aware of language, and naming her colors, and telling me things.  They got back from riding the 4 wheeler, and she signed "sheep"  and "4-wheeler" to me.  They had rode past the sheep farm down the road.  I signed back "you saw sheep?"  She grinned really big:)  She's really into finding things that are the same color.  Then she will point to each of them and sign "same"  Sometimes she will sign the color, but I usually have to prompt her. She is REALLY good at pointing to Iley and signing sorry.  Informing me that it was Iley's fault and she needs to tell her sorry!  They both just LOVE to be the one waiting on the other one to sign sorry.  Then I make them shake hands or hug, and they usually end up laughing.  They are SO forgiving, and don't hold grudges, or become wary, and hold back the next time.  All is forgiven, and they are right back where they started.    "unless ye become as a little child......." 


  1. :) These girls (and their mommy) bring a smile to my face. :)
    So glad language is picking up. their hearts of forgiveness. I can learn from them.

    1. OOOH I could SO learn from them.....and do...daily! I admire them for all they've overcome, and had the courage to try.....with a smile.

  2. awww so sweet these two are. Am so glad that communication is getting better and they are becoming such good chums. :) Makes life for momma a whole lot easier. Just love to see them every chance i get. You are such a good momma and such a dear friend too. Love ya.

  3. It definately makes it Lots easier for this mama:) Love you too my very dear friend:)

  4. Glad Wren is using the smock. Where did u get Iley's?

    1. Would you believe it was a bib of Harrison and Shermans:) Great Aunt Esther Deaton made it for them. I have two others like it. They actually use them every meal as bibs....less laundry that way! And less stains. Thanks for the smock! So nice to have an Aunt that garage sales:)

  5. I see Wren got RUFFLES today :) that should make her day a happy one!!! Hey, you can climb trees. . .throw balls/rocks. .. . & make mud pies in ruffles!! GO GIRL!!!

    1. I don't know if it was the ruffles or not, but she had a MUCH better day at school yest. Monday the teachers said she was ALL out of sorts! She even had to sit in a chair by herself a couple of times:( Poor baby has SO SO much to learn!!!