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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Mid Week Nothings

I really don't have much to report, but have decided it's about easier to blog daily than try to load a gazillion pictures from several days build up.

As I was dressing Wren this morning, I brought over a pink hair clip.  She shook her head NO and pointed to the flower on her shirt.  This head band was the closest color to it that I could come up with.  She was SO pleased with it!  She would look in the mirror and sign preeeetttttyyy.   Then turn all directions checking herself out.  She was up at 8:00 and Iley slept till about 9:15, so she  was loving the one on one time with mom.  

So pleased with herself!  She loves getting dressed for school!  Especially if it's a full, flippy skirt!   

She's all of these and more!  We see more of her personality each day.  Her glasses lenses are drastic different strengths, making her eyes look a little wacky!  -2.75 on the right, and-.50 on the left.

Getting our "background" ready for the required picture:)  She looks like she's thinking "seriously MOM...we need a new back drop!"
But always willing to pose!
I saw this pair zoom by my kitchen window, so ran to get my camera:)
 This one was furiously pedaling after them! 
Pump those little chicken sticks faster! They're getting away!
 This brings to mind..... a bear at a circus with a little monkey clinging on behind.

 Now it looks like they are practicing for the Chinese acrobat show.....With talent like this...I'm sure Sea World will be contacting us soon.....

 This cookie sheet is in high demand with these two!  You've already seen it loaded with dishes being carried by the two of them, and propped across the arms of the chair as a table.....then I caught Wren sliding down the stairs on it!  She was sitting on it holding on to the railings....she would let go and free slide for about 3 steps then grab the railings again! Iley was scooting down behind her on her back side.....they were both cackling!!  Then right after school it was the seat for the little red it's being jumped over.   This did not end well!  She ended up whacking Iley in the head with it!  She started out jumping with the lovely purple dress up shoes on too.  She can barely walk a straight line in them, let alone jump on the tramp!! 
 We were outside playing a frisbee game with the boys.   Sherman got a new frisbee, and they play this game at school. 

 That's all Folks!
 The answer to the question "What have you been up to?"
My schedule for today:
Harrison and Sherman leave for school at 7:50
Wren gets up at 8:00
Fix breakfast~ eggs with bacon bits
Get Wren dressed and Hair wetted down and combed
Go out and wait for Mrs. Kay
Iley is up and needs to potty
Come back in and feed Iley
pay bills
do a load of laundry
make some phone calls
Wren is home for lunch
Feed both girls
take a shower
snarf something myself
take both girls back to preschool
stay and go on a field trip with them
back home for an hour of peace before they all get home
bake cookies~oatmeal raisin
fix supper~potato soup and tuna salad sandwiches
clean up the kitchen
Play a game of frisbee with Harrison and Sherman
bathe the girls
put them to bed
type a blog
go to bed.
along with answering 20 questions,  and settling the normal disputes


  1. I would say if you are gettin' by with ONLY 20 questions, you are doin' GOOD girlfriend. . . .or was that 20 per min??. .. .per hour. . . ah, the BLISS of that ONE quiet hour. . . :) :) The "Gorgeous" picture. . . YES IT IS!!! Don't you LOVE it when you hit that one perfect snap?? that one is it!!! hummmm. . . .I'm thinkin' of ALL kinds of new uses for that cookie sheet!! :) (it may never be the same, you know!!) xoxo -D

  2. Lets see if I can figure this silly thing out yet. Loving the pics as always, love the wet heads and Wren with the headband, how adorable. What sweet little faces. Love you all so much and miss you like crazy, even though you just live down the road. :)