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Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

We got home from KC on Thursday late, and turned around and drove 50 miles back to Hays on Friday morning,  to get Wren's glasses ordered.  The girls look like they are still a bit sleepy.  Kyndahl, bless her heart offered to go along with me to help with the girls:)

 I love the way the girls are holding each others' hands too:)
 Troy and Ash cleaning out the pool...ugh!  This does NOT look healthy!  Even dangerous....Like you might slip and fall on the slime.
 Interested observers.......the one on the right would have been in there too, given half a chance!
 And yet another use for the coffee sort of made me think of the crates that animals are delivered to the zoo in......?  It also crossed my mind that it would make a nice cage know while I clean or something. holds them both nicely.....they can come up for light and air........maybe I should include this one on my next Post adoption report:)

Sunday we took the boat to a lake 2hrs. away.....another car trip:(......but what a fun day!  Wren was interested in absolutely everything.  She wants to watch everything you're doing.  She was watching them unhook the boat, and crank it out.
 Check it out!!!! We're floating! 

 We had all 8 kids with us.  Our Six plus the two girlfriends...well one is a fiance....soon to be daughter.  We just love both of these girls! 

 Kyndahl and Wren.
 Ella and Iley.
 Good job!

 Sherman and Wren......this was her first ride.   She was loving it!!  This girl is not afraid of anything.
 Then Thatcher and Iley got on with her.  ILey loved it too.  We weren't sure if she would, she's a little more timid with new things and usually likes to play it safe.
 Thatcher and Kyndahl.

 Ash and Ella.
 Harrison and Thatcher.

 Me and the girls.....we were waiting on Thatcher to get back from getting ice at the dock ...So we were just putting along in the no wake zone.....I wasn't sure we weren't going to lose Wren!!  She was all over the place.  Dragging her feet on the side, hanging them off the back...standing up....flopping down.....and she really wouldn't have cared if she had fallen in.
 Beauty and the Beast??  She looks so serene.....and he looks like the Hulk behind her.LOL
 Daddy and Iley.
 Hmmm. I wonder who had the camera here??  Any guesses:)

Now who's got it??  I'll give you a wasn't mom either time:)
 Then Ash and Thatcher got on... and it got really wild  Dad showed them no mercy.......
 Even the buzzards were hopeful......seriously, they WERE circling over head!LOL

We had several of these............maybe the buzzards weren't so dumb.......

And several of these.......

 Iley jumped off the boat with help from Babba........She never did even get her hair wet.

 Wren on the other hand.......rarely had dry hair all day!  She jumped in with anyone jumping.

 Purple looks good on you Harri :)

 Look it's a Chinese egg roll:)
 X's always:)

Monday we started off with Ash and Ella making us pancakes and bacon for breakfast.....they even cleaned up.  They had much more interference help than they needed.

 Iley had set up house under the umbrella in the living room??

 So of course Wren wanted it too......which is MUCH more dangerous......because she NEVER sits still, and was bumping into the walls, and it had to go outside.

While out riding the dirt bike with Thatcher, Wren spied this lovely golden ear of corn.  She proudly brought it in....walked over to the stove and started to get out a pan to boil it in.  I did my very best signing....Not good.....that corn for cows.....too hard....not like.  This was a tough one!
 Then Sherman pulled them around with the mower.....They love this! See them way over on the other drive?
 Here they come.....proud as punch.  This actually requires a fair amount of skill from the truck driver!  Wren does really well, and caught on right away how to steer...........

 ........then they switched drivers....cause ya was Iley's turn.......Wren was ok with that.......until....

 ....the driver was distracted taking care of her child.......and crashed into the truck tire right after this picture was taken........then she veered off into a washed out place in the drive way.........Wren was getting a little worried!  She tried to help......but some people are just a little clueless:) 

 What do you mean you have to steer this thing???????

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  1. Looks like SOOOOO much fun, Judy! We love our fun lake time up at Jacob's parents lake house just boating and playing in the water. Fun memories. Great pics!!

    Oh and yes, the pic of the girls in the coffee table on end would really go over in a grand way in China, haha! I really does look like you have them in a crate in your living room, lol!