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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Going Green

Ha Ha Ha Ha.......did you really think I meant organic save the earth kind of green??  DO YOU KNOW ME.....I bet my sister didn't think it:)  Ok.....I DO recycle all my plastic grocery bags.....does that count?  I would single handed fill every landfill in the county if I didn't....and my conscience just won't allow that much plastic to sit under forever....we need a grocery cart to haul them all in to the store, and then fill the entire recycle box in one fell swoop!!!! .Hats off to all you organized moms that can actually pull off training your children to sort their trash!!!!  I'm happy if they put it in the one trash can in the kitchen......and not on the floor, or stuffed in the couch cushions or under the chairs.......but I really meant it's another color day at preschool.  They are learning their is Green.  This is all we could come up with....It seems our wardrobe is a little heavy on the pink!

 She leaned against the door here and it flew open.....she thought it was so funny!
 Just riding the trike is NEVER exciting enough for this girl....she's tying a rope to it........ 

 ...with this attached.....nicely loaded with all the naked children.
 Iley waiting till she gets every thing situated JUST right.

 You know....maybe it's just me......but I think this job would be easier if the proper footwear was worn.....or at least on the right feet!  But you know a girls got to look good:)
 Iley helping push.....whew this is hard work! (Check out the observer on the picnic table! Iley still won't pet either dog, but at least she doesn't screech on sight anymore!  He IS one ugly mutt!)

 Those shoes REALLY need to go!  They are making me think of a foundered horse!

Ok, enough of that!  I'm riding!

 This was how they ate their supper!  It's about as close to a picnic on the patio as we were going to get today!  It was raining.....they had just all 4 been huddled under this very umbrella out on the trampoline.  Can you picture Harrison, Sherman and 2 peanuts huddled under this umbrella??? Some one is going to get mostly wet!

 eeewwww.......pardon the green gunky noses!  They were not a planned  part of the green day!


  1. do the girls think standing in front of the bathroom door for a picture everyday before school is a requirement for going?! Don't get me wrong, I am eagerly awaiting the next color of the day and it's co-ordinating outfit! You are doing such a good job of choosing photos that show each of their personalities. I especially LOVE the last two of Wren and Iley under the umbrella. It's just so Asian! And what could be cuter than Iley's flat little nose and dimples, unless it's Wren's perfect China doll mouth and bird wing eyes (or eye, as the patch decrees!)

    Give ALL our love!

    Suffering from withdrawal in Ohio,

    Aunt G!

  2. I love hearing about color days too! :) And the dress up shoes while roping the trike is priceless!!