Lonely no More:)
And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Sunday, September 23, 2012


Well if we are was less cook... and more out....but the kids Loved it:)

Headed to the scrap pile to get wood chunks (we own a cabinet door factory)  for the fire  Looks like he has LOTS of hinderance help.

Setting the stage....

 The dogs, Guacamole, chips and Jalapeno poppers.  That's all I said....less cooking.
 Wren of course watched Troy load the hot dog fork and HAD to do one too.  We only put one on her stick in case it hit the ashes.

The smoke kept coming over and disturbing she tried a karate kick on it.....not sure it helped, but it made her feel better.
They moved this little chair all around ...I think your chair is a little short for the table my dear!
Wren plowed through her whole hot dog with bread, and ate another whole hot dog plain...and looked longingly at everyone elses!  I really think she would have eaten at least 4 if we would have let her.  This girl LOVES meat.  Iley LOVES carbs.  She ate all of her bread and 1/2 of her hot dog, and was done.

Welcome to our high class fire pit,
...and comfortable seating!  They inform me that this fire pit used to be the foundation for the out house years ago.   We're from the country......but.......some how...I don't think our arrangement would make the pages of Country living.

 Perched in the wheelbarrow,  happily munching their chips.......
 Such a clean sanitary eating surface!  I'm sure the Health department would not approve.  BUT the Health Dept. doesn't know....they drank not only the water in China.....but...... the bathwater in China...and the pool water in China.....and they drink their bathwater now...except when I catch them.....and their hands are even dirtier than the wheelbarrow....and they are pretty NO's just good antibodies.

Then they tipped themselves over trying to get decided hey this looks like a good place to set up camp.  We'll just build us a nice little table here.

 Then they shared MANY piles of chips!

 The occasional clouds of smoke didn't even phase them.

She makes it look ...almost.....comfy....IF you're 5.

 How about a handshake and a kiss.....anyone?

Whew!  All those chips are makin me thirsty!

 Harrison was happily lighting his carefully collected pile of grass on fire....oblivious to the fact that he was smoking out his father.

 Notice Iley in the background going for another stash of chips!

 His father didn't suffer long in silence:)  So he's dutifully trying to fan it away from him.  Sherman was highly amused.

After a good scrubbin....they staggered off to bed.  I tucked them in, made sure everyone had their favorite sleeping companion of the day (it varies and we never know...and have to guess by pantomime...exhausting!) and kissed them soundly, and never heard another peep. .....Ahhhhh!!!!.......lets have a campfire every night!!

 Just for fun......Can you tell who's Harrison, and who's Sherman?

.....and finally a couple of random pics and I'm done....promise:)


  1. Campfire probably felt good on these cool evenings. Looks like a fun time. Can definitely tell which one is Harrison and which one is Sherm. :) Love the pictures!!!!

  2. Ok....How long exactly has it been since the fire-pit (apt name by the way) was under the outhouse??? Yikes! :) Just kidding! I would have definately eaten a hot dog cooked over it! The pictures were lovely...and cute...and smokey...I could actually smell the wood burning! Oh, wait!...That's just Fran's sleeping bag and clothes from the weekend! She only wishes her campout was as pleasant! Poured rain all night and was COLD!! Needless to say the princess was NOT impressed. :) How adorable are your little Chinese princesses! I miss the boys. And are you kidding?....Harry and Sherm don't even look alike! Wish we could have sat around the fire with you and discussed our kids togather! You know, not everyone is interested in every tiny detail like a sister. Enjoyed seeing Ash this weekend. Bless his heart, he came to see his aunt! Maybe, it's Ella good influence.

    Give all my love,
    Aunt G

  3. Ha Ha! It's been sufficiently long enough that no lingering "flavor" would still be detectable! Aunt Diane, who grew up in this house, wrote:

    Ahhh yes, I remember the outhouse. It actually had a very nice concrete walk directly to the door, some hollyhocks planted on the west wall, door facing south., There was a nice asparagus bed on the east side of the walk, and the garden planted on the west. That sidewalk was the perfect mud pie kitchen, complete with running water from the hose that was watering the garden. Also made some very nice hollyhock dolls from said hollyhocks. The outhouse was our 1/2 bath for many years, one that I never felt the urge to use! Well that was a nice little stroll down memory lane=). (Just had to think how nice it was of Gpa Wolf to make an easy walk to the bathroom in all weathers and times of day=) )

    I'm sure my mother in law could add even more memories:)
    But I've been coming to this house for 23+ years and there has never been any trace of a sidewalk, or outhouse.

    I Would LOVE to share my fire pit with you! Tell Fran my favorite bag/Purse I saw was one with a big motel on it and a fixy lady saying "I SO love NOT camping" or as Harrison says..."why would you go out and sleep in a tent on the ground, when you have a perfectly good bed in a house to sleep in. That's my boy!