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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Brotherly Love

Or should I say Brotherly Launch???.........They are NOT footballs!.......Watch out for their glasses.......Mom is obviously the ONLY one worried!  The girls are LOVING it!

 We've started the eye patching today.  Iley wanted one too....I told her she had to leave it on till bedtime if she put one on.  She nods ok.....this is right before lunch.  She barely ate lunch and she's signing "bed" LOL!  This girl is no dummy.  If I go to bed now.......

 This has to be the equivalent of adults bungee jumping!  I would NOT have the level of trust this takes! Besides the fact that she is deaf.....and now her good eye.....the one that really patched!!!   First you start like this, holding their hands and feet together....
 Get a little momentum...............
 and SWING.....them up to your shoulder.........
 .......ending like this.............
 .......then for the dive back underneath.........hoping you don't crack their head on the floor!!!!!  I am NOT this brave!!!  Even if there were someone big enough to do this to me:)LOL

I'm not sure even I can sort out all the arms and legs here!

 Iley looks like her eye patch is starting to get a bit bothersome:)
 Thatcher says he's going to let his beard grow till his wedding!!!  Stay posted for the documentation of the growth.........uck!  He's got a couple of buddies that are in this with him.....why do guys do this kind of thing??  Do they think that once they're married they won't have any say in how their hair or beards look????   I've never seen that happen;)  They also lose the ability to pick out their own clothes......I'm sure it's NOT because we simply say....."you're not going to wear that are you" which they reply...Nope I'm sure not....what did you have in mind dear.  But you know we ARE doing them a favor by NOT allowing them to leave the house wearing "that":) 

 New Glasses! She wore them for an evening, and a whole day, before we started patching one eye.  We have to do this for 5 weeks:(  Longer if we don't get at least 1/2 day of patching in.

 Some one is a little miffed that the focus is on someone else........


...and for this wild child.....we have a handy dandy strap to keep them on!

 This was Friday waiting for the bus. 

 Harrison jumped in just as I was taking this picture of Sherman doing his "tough guy" act......He's pointing at Sherman while doing the "loser" sign!!!!!  What a brat!

Sherman had his first football game on Saturday evening.  His team lost:(  but the girls had fun climbing up and down the bleachers, they probably did it at least 10-15 times......and they found several little girls to play with.  The girls they were playing with kept asking me which one couldn't hear.  It was so funny, cause neither one of them said a word the whole night....the other kids couldn't figure out which one of them couldn't hear.  I had to explain that Iley could hear, she just didn't know how to talk in English yet.  Wren actually interacted and played more on their level than Iley did... who CAN hear.  Wren watches EVERY SINGLE thing they do, and can usually keep up if it's not a verbal kind of play.  She was ALL about running across the front of the bleachers and jumping off the steps, and swinging down from the railings.  Now if they had been playing dolls or something that took a lot of communicating.......she would have been lost.  I was thrilled that they both interacted and played with the other kids so well.....and that the other kids were kind enough to let them.

These next few pictures were from the last night of family softball, a welcoming(for a couple moving into the church district) and a grocery shower (for a newly married couple)...all at the same the same time.....not 3 different events:)  for those reading the blog that are NOT steeped in the terminology of
G.B.(German Baptist)   lore:)

We hiked about an 1/8th of a mile to the "Porto john" ....translation......a little shed with a bucket under a board!  on the way there we passed this fun swing.  Wren wanted to try it out.  The pictures are a little blurry....but they show her grin:)

 We started out sitting in the chairs behind them while they ate....but it got a little sticky when the ice cream hit so we opted to give up the chairs and stand.  They thoroughly enjoyed their first bowls of homemade ice cream!  They each had 2 bowls.

 Here are some more cute faces from the evening:)  Ellie (Mathan and Kara's) enjoying some watermelon........

 Candice (belongs to Travis and Nancy) looking like her cute little self.....enjoying  getting dirty........

 and Kinley (Justin and Bethany's) enjoying her thumb:) she was so cute....when I talked to her she would grin around her thumb, but not take it out:)


  1. I would say Iley pretty well has the pouty thing perfected! Maybe it's cuter to me long distance than to you who actually deals with it regularly?! Anyway, loved the pics! Jen

  2. That is one WILD blog. . . .I think it's the jerseys that make them want to throw things?? Darling glasses, & cute eye patches. . .. good thing you have the strap, you may have to get one for Iley too if she is going to be a flying cricket!! THANKS for keeping us all 'in the loop'. . . :) :) love ya,-D