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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Saturday, August 25, 2012

This seemed like a good idea......till they tried to get out!

Wren fell asleep watching a signing time video Wed. night.

Iley saw me take her picture so immediately went and laid on the chair for hers to be taken.
She was SO NOT sleeping!

We are eating at Wendy's at Hays on the way to KC for Wren's MRI.  They LOVE their Chinese silk dresses!....they do look pretty a night gown.
Wren was watching out the window the whole time.  There was a school playground right across the road.  She kept signing "slide" and "swing".  I think she wanted to go over there.
And the goof ball was doing some silly face and acting prissy.  She is a MESS!

Kicked back in the truck watching Tom and Jerry.  Wren is intently watching.....and Iley is picking......till it bled......of course........then we have a small band aid.  I'm going to have to learn that band aids go with us everywhere. They are the miracle cure.
This is after 5 hrs. of traveling.....don't you wish these were your dinner companions...........????

We would be glad to loan them out to you......just call......anytime.


When we were done, they were full.....and feeling they had to scoot their chairs as close as possible and were sharing the last of one of thems' rice.  Then they were so in charity with each other that they linked arms and carried on all the way to the truck.  I SO love watching them when they are like this!  They are just adorable............and not fussing........which makes them so adorable:) or as Iley would say.."yeah, uh huh"  She is talking more and more!  She was headed out the door the other day and turned around to Wren and said " ya comin sister"  MADE ME LAUGH!!!!  I know I say this to both of just don't realize you're saying it till you hear it repeated!  Better watch all my comments.
I wish the background for all these pictures was a little prettier than the dirty truck!

Friday the 24th......6:30am.  Headed to the CMH for Wrens MRI.
Waiting in the waiting room....calmly watching Disney Idea what's ahead.  She did great!  A children's hospital is the only way to go!!  They numbed her arm first, then put her IV in....hitting the vein the first try......she never even flinched.  Then she cheerfully went off with the nurse.  I told her "mama wait here, you go with nurse"  She nodded and off she much of that she understood???  I don't know.  How much of it was just that she likes everyone, and would probably go off with a total stranger......I don't know.  Makes me worry some what about her bondedness:(  Or is this a deaf child trait?
This is Iley in the waiting room....she was all chummy with this little dumpling:)  They were so cute looking at their books together.
Wren wasn't allowed to have any food or drink after 5:00am. so none of us had breakfast, and we removed all cups, water bottles, toothbrushes etc. from view.  We took them to the bathroom when they were barely awake so they wouldn't see the sink and think of a drink!  Wren is BIG about wanting a drink!  and NOT patient or nice if she's told no.  All that to say...we headed to the cafeteria as soon as she was wheeled in to her MRI.  It took about an hour so we had plenty of time.  When I came out to the waiting room, and we got up to leave with out Wren, Iley starting fussing and signing Wren with a VERY worried look!  I love that she was worried we were leaving her:)  I did wonder what was going through her her experience, kids disappear.  people come and go in your life.  We assured her that we were going to go get something to eat and come back and get Wren.  She calmed down but was still worried for a while.

When we asked her if she wanted cereal, or eggs and bacon...she signed cereal.  We asked several times, and even showed her the options.  No. she wanted cereal...........she ate at least two bites......

.........then proceeded to eat my ENTIRE plate of food!!
NOT a bit remorseful either!

This is Wren after the MRI coming out of the sedatives.  She was so floppy, and would drift off to sleep without warning.  She thought she could walk..her mind said she could......but her body just didn't cooperate!  She wobbled around like a drunk.  We had to keep a hand on her constantly or she would charge off and crash.  She got this hideous lovely barbie with pink hair AND pink legs..with butterfly wings that we lost before leaving the hospital......for being so brave.
It was MUCH coveted by lil sis.  When I asked her if she wanted to go get a shot so she could get one too...she was quite willing.
When we said no........oh it was sad:)  These people just don't understand that we do everything X's 2.  If you don't have 2.....then we don't want any thank you.

Iley playing in the Audiologists office while we talked to the surgeon, and Wren did some testing.....well they tried to do some testing....she was just too La La La.

Home again!  Ash was here and they were O so happy to see their jungle gym  brother.  This was just the activity we needed at 10:00pm. to get them ready for bed.........NOT!!

.....some launch carefully..........

.......others with wild abandon.........'re looking at me......I'll put on a show:)


  1. OMgoodness, those photos of them jumping are laugh out loud funny Judy! Thanks for posting, as one MRI momma to another....sounds like your girls did great! WOW!

  2. I just love to see these two in action!! Glad you all made it and without a hitch! With a lot of activity, sure, but without any major hitch! Cutie patooties!!

  3. I love your blog and reading about the girls! You always have the best photos!