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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Friends...Live and stuffed

This little guy is the son of one of Troy's acquaintances from CO.  Him and Iley hit it off all day and played chummily.  He's 3, she's 5.  But in many ways they are much closer in age.  They weren't much difference in size either.  Wren would play with them for a while, then would wander off and do her own thing.....then join in again.  I should have taken more pictures.....but....I was too busy  enjoying a chat with his mother:)   If you are wondering why he's running..........

He was being chased by Annie Oakley and her posse:)
Now I'm not sure who's chasing who....they were just giggling and running.

She looks like she really means business! 

Sunday eve. we went to DQ for Ice Cream.  I'm not sure what Iley was hopping around about, but she actually got both feet off the ground!
Funny thing is.....Isaiah.....the little boy above....carried the little green shovel  Iley has, around all day.  When he left she latched on to it?? Was it because she liked him......or the shovel must be neater than she'd ever realized if he carried it around all day?....who knows.  They told him when they were ready to leave to say bye to his friends.....he says NO....."you don't say bye to friends" :):)  Love it:) 

Ash and Thatch stopped by DQ while we were there.  Check out Iley in the next 3 pictures:)  She's trying to get his attention to tell him something......she finally got through to him what she wanted!
I think he was tired of me taking his picture.....what do you think?

YES!!! That's what I wanted:)

 Monday night August 13th Put it down on record!!!! The girls slept in their own bed for the first time!!!  YaY!!  no more floor beds:)  AND....we get our computer room/den back!  They slept all night without having to "go potty" too!  I'm excited I tell ya!!  When we first got home from China, they slept on the floor on mattress' with us on the couch above them....and they got up at least 2 times  usually 4 or go potty....or just cry out and make sure we were still there. Then we would lay  on the couch till they were asleep...and move to our bed......till they cried....then go lay with them till they went to sleep again.....Then we went on vacation and they slept in their own bed at the hotel with out touching us to go to sleep....then on the floor in our room at the beach house, but we didn't touch them while they were falling asleep.  SOOO when we got home, we put them to bed kissed them, hugged them, said I love you's.....and they went to sleep.....well sort of:)  Wren had a fit the first night...she usually goes right to sleep, but does NOT like changes in routine......and Iley never goes right to sleep.  She lays there and piddles with her bear....sings...signs sign language....dink donks around for about a 1/2 hour every night!  Then finally starts her rocking.  It's the one self soothing behavior she brought with her.  She lays on her back and rocks her self side to side.  Kind of makes me sad when I think about it:(  Poor baby had to put her self to sleep for years.  She almost never cries out in the night.  If I  hear her, It's because she's making little noises as she rocks.

Iley was in Love with this bear of Shermans.  She was dancing with it.......
......sitting on it........
......hugging it.........
......having it hug her..........

She even shared it with her sister when she wandered in from outside.  Wren is almost always outside.....with a rope or a stick......or something else she's not supposed to have....tied to her bike or trike.....or hanging off the handle bars....or just dragging it around.  Iley has been playing outside with her MUCH more lately:):)  For which I'm very grateful:)  They usually play pretty well together when they are outside.  Or maybe I just can't hear them fuss when they're outside??:)

Definitely NOT Goldilocks!....oh and there's only 1 bear.

and here's some close ups for Grandpa.

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  1. Ah, so nice they can sleep in their own bed! Woo hoo! Glad you may be getting some sense of normalcy*. Ha! :D Maybe.
    Hang in there! You guys are doing awesome!