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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Summers End...

I think they're rushing things a little....they haven't even attended their 1st day of school yet.  Monday will be their first day of school:)  My first day too in quite a while... as I will go with them at least the first day or so until they are comfortable and feel long  has it been since I rode the School Bus.LOL  Well....other than field trips with the boys.

 They will be awfully cute little graduates:)

 Hopefully they will have graduated from sippy cups by then??

 This group of kids came swimming on Monday.  Poor things, they ended up here as a last resort...and trust aint no resort......they tried the town pool...closed......they tried the neighboring town 25 miles away...the answering machine SAID their pool was open....but it was with  a car load of GRUMPY kids they called in would HAVE to be desperate...... to want to swim in our oobleck!  Well desperate or under the age of 12:)

 Investigating a bug.  Wrens right up there in the middle.
 I'll look from back here thanks.
 The swim party was supposed to be for Evies birthday...sorry Evie, that the pool wasn't a little nicer:(
 Warming wasn't the warmest day of the summer.
Grace was Cold!

 Taking a break from swimming for a snack and drink.
And...of course the boys always have to make things a little more interesting....Wren watched them...and of course had to try the same thing......small problem.....when she stacked them all on, they came to her armpits and she couldn't move her feet!LOL  I didn't get a picture cause I was too worried she was going to faceplant on the concrete before I got them off.

Here's a view of the green water......I haven't heard that it cause ill effects on any one....but ugh!

 We have to HIDE our phones from this pair of racoon fingers!

 I wonder how many times a day I ask Iley what are you chewing on...and say spit it out.  This was bandaid wrappers!  Last time it was a squinky, or a polly pocket peice of least those are chewy...but bandaid wrappers???

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  1. I love the way Iley has her goggles & life jacket on while she is on the tramp. . . .I mean you NEVER know when a tsunami may hit Quinter KS!!! . . . .right???? ;)