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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Monday, August 20, 2012

Some New "Firsts"

We have had several "firsts"  this week.  We go along feeling frustrated, and like we are not getting anywhere with Wren's signing, and Iley's English, and then we have some break throughs.  It's so exciting when it DOES happen.  When we really stop and think about where we started, and where we are now...there is progress every day.  Sometimes it's just hard to see past the tantrums and whining, to the good stuff.

1. Iley started saying "potty mama" instead of just doing the potty sign.
2. Iley started saying "done mama" instead of just hollering or fussing! YAY!
3. Wren was running and in midstride jumped over the railroad tie in her path!!!  This is HUGE!  She could barely walk across the uneven yard when she first got home.  Before she would have stopped and probably reached for our hand just to step over it:):)  So we are excited. Coordination is improving!
4. Iley is learning most of her basic colors.
5. Both girls did REALLY well in church this Sunday!!!  I actually heard most of the sermon.
6. We left the girls for the first time while Troy and I ran to Hays to get a few needed things.  Kyndahl bless her heart, agreed to stay with them.  We were a little nervous about how they would react when we left!  And "how" to explain what was going on to Wren.  WHEN she looks at me long enough to "listen"  she really is amazing at understanding.....and like I've said don't want to challenge us to a game of charades!  Kyndahl got them all settled cozily in our bed in their jammies...her in the middle...and got a movie going.  When we came in we just told them that mama and babba were going to town/bye bye for a little bit and we would be right back.  Then I pointed to both of them and said you stay here with Kyndahl, Harrison, and Sherman. Mama and Babba come back soon.  Iley started crying...a little...but Wren just waved bye and went back to watching her movie:)  Kyn said we had barely made it out the door before Iley stopped.  They got along great, no melt downs or tears!  YAY!  They aren't clingy, and at the wedding we went to yesterday, they went off happily with the cousins and weren't worried we'd leave them.  I am new at this bonding business, but this seems good to me:)

 Eating a "healthy" Rice Krispie Treat snack:)
 A little sisterly elbowing.....??
 This is how they like to watch signing time videos!  Up close and personal!  It's not like the screen is tiny and they can't see it??? 

I could also compare the AWFUL AWFUL bus trips we took in the 5 HOUR car trip we just made to Eastern Kansas.......and will make again on Thursday.......  In China we tried to buckle them in the seat and they went BALLISTIC!  Now they buckle in with no problem, and sit and watch the Ipad or play with their toys and books......AMAZING!  The people in our travel group with us in China, would not even recognize these two now.  Especially Iley!  She was NEVER still for ONE minute in China  now she will sit and play quietly, and focus on something for long periods of time. 

They are so funny to watch!  They play and play and never make a sound.  They sign to each other and ask questions by motioning and raising their eyebrows in question......they will shake their head no, or nod yes, or shrug that they don't know what the other one wants.  Sometimes they just look at each other and wave their hands around and look like they are talking with no sound coming out.  But they are close enough in age and interests to somehow sort of "get" what the other one is talking about.

In the tub this morning I gave them each a squirt of body soap, and they always start by rubbing it on their stomachs, then their bottoms, then Wren looks at Iley and points to Iley's back and makes rubbing motions with her eyebrows raised in question....asking want me to soap your back?  Iley shakes her head NO.  So Wren shrugs and points to her own back, and Iley nods and starts soaping her back.  When she's done, then Iley points to her back and lets Wren soap hers.  All this without a sound.

I was watching them out the window as they were headed to the swings.  When they got there Wren hops up on a swing, but Iley is too short to get on so she stands there motioning for me to come out.  I opened the window and told her to pull the little trampoline over and stand on which she looks at me blankly....but I had no sooner got the words out, than Wren is doing exactly what I just said!  She didn't hear a word from me, or even realize i just said something, but her mind was problem solving exactly the same way!  Iley still couldn't manage it with the wobbly surface of the mini tramp, so Wren held the swing down and Iley worked her way on.  It was SO cute to watch them working together !!!!!  I LOVE it when they get along like this:):)  Wren makes me nearly insane on an hourly basis with her stubbornness, but she is SO smart, and I KNOW that when she finally figures out how to communicate she is going to do amazing things. 


  1. :) Progress. Yay! They are little stinkers that make me laugh, and I have never even met them in real life. :)

  2. Hang in there, Judy. More and more we are seeing less and less of the institutionalized Cassie. I just remarked to Randy tonight that I can see and feel that Cassie is really beginning to feel like this is her home too and it's a safe place to be and that she's one of us. Her fear used to come out looking like obstinance and an unwillingness to cooperate, and we barely see that side of her anymore. It will continue to get better and better, like you said every day there is improvement in your home and i would like to add we are just too close and too tired or overwhelmed ourselves to see it for what it is sometimes.