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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Say Cheese! 

 Sherm drug the FLAT raft into the pool ( you see that green water? ick)  the head rest is the only part that still holds air.  Wren was sitting on it, and they had the rest of it wrapped around them like a cape????  It's so funny, the girls never question what the boys are doing...or why.....they just go right along with it and want to be part of it!
 ...and of course we do EVERYTHING by two's!!!

Some people have to take their cell phones everywhere with them...:)

 Kyndahl was writing the ABC's for Iley, and telling her what sound each one makes.  Iley will sit for quite a while and do this kind of thing.  She likes to work with her colors, and count too.  OH HOW I WISH Wren would show even a tiny interest!!!  If we try this with her, she would last through MAYBE 2 letters......then it would be I'm done now I'll go play.  If you try to MAKE her's NOT PRETTY!  You will get the  the glare, with the chin out, and the whole body in defiance!  I get that enough times in a day just with normal activities......that it's really hard to make myself, knowingly walk into it.  I hope her teachers can inspire her to learn!

 They were on P here and signing popcorn.  You alternately pop your index fingers up and down.

Wren has a fascination with table cloths.  She is forever covering their play table or the coffee table with a 
throw.  Then she sets the table. 

 I think she thinks these cupcakes are Icecream.  She acts like she's licking an icecream cone when she play eats them.

 Thatcher in a rare moment he's not bombarded with little people.

 They both had their glasses on, and we are always trying to make Iley think it's COOL to wear glasses so she'll leave them I made a big deal of the fact that Kyndahl had her's on too.  Iley thought the monkey needed to be in the picture too.

 She sat here with her eyes shut smirking.....till she heard the camera click!  Then she wanted to see the picture.  She is a mess!
 Ash fighting his way in through his adoring fans.
 Swimming for the 3rd time was evening, and they were rather chilly!
 Ok...time to put on a show....people are looking at me!

Wren was shivering in the pool, and saw Iley wrapped in a towel.......that was the end of the swimming for the night.  So I was trying to get a cute picture of them wrapped in their towels..but of course they would rather just act silly! They are probably a little tired of mom and her camera??

 Stop production!!! Wardrobe malfunction!

 Okay, back in character......carry on. we lost the other one......time to call it quits.

 Iley was a little frustrated with her towel, that try as she might, she could NOT get to spread out flat. 

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