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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Some times when someone gets a make's not necessarily an improvement!  This is what happened at our house when this bunch of kids got bored and the temperatures are in the balmy 100's.

McKell got out her arsenal of nail polish and make up and proceeded to "transform" the boys.
 Wren was a VERY interested observer!  She wanted "made over" too.
 Iley is mirroring my sentiments exactly......this is a little weird!  I did laugh though!

These look like some tough gals to tangle with! Ha Ha.  I'm not sure their "beauty marks" did much to improve the over all look???

 This one makes me cackle everytime I see it!  He batted his eyes at me. LOL!
 Then Iley wanted to try the wigs on.  Wren would have none of it........for a while.
I think she could say...."wha sup bro"

 Finally she decided that maybe it was ok.

Iley didn't like looking at the pictures of herself on the computer this morning though!??

While the boys were in their "process" the girls were in the way....and I took them outside to eat a popcicle. could help out a little back there....

 How do you steer this crazy thing anyway?
 Maybe a set of scooter handle bars will help....
 Or then again......maybe not.

and if you look closely on the left side of her will notice a lack of of the reasons that scissors are all up on the top shelf of the cupboard now....the other reason is..... her sister joined her....I found black hair on the living room floor and two very guilty a book that had the pictures hacked scissors have to be used in the future under careful supervision....sigh.


  1. LOL! So many lol's in this post. Enjoyed it once again...thanks for my evening comic relief... Oh...her hair....mmm mmm mmm. :D

  2. hahahahahaha!! Thank you for this, Judy!! Good thing the social worker didn't decide to stop in for a surprise visit, lolololol!!!!!! Woo, that was a good post!!