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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Fancy toes and Finery.

These fancy toes are courtesy of Ms. Lori J.:)  Thanks Lori!  They loved them!  First we painted on two coats of a  lovely shade of purple nail polish, then applied the cute little flower stickers, and then a clear coat.  By the time I was done with 20 toes.....I was ready to wring two necks, and sweating!  How do all those little Asian ladies DO this everyday.....all day??  Of course most of their clientele probably are NOT 5yrs. old.  That would definitely help!!

 Don't they look like two mama's discussing their children while picnicking in the park?
 I took this picture out the window for fear of disturbing them.  I had to laugh!!!  Tito is hiding warily under the table!  He is willing to be close....but don't touch me!  Which is Exactly what Iley is thinking too!  Tonka and Wren are both touch me touch me touch me please:)

 Cindy Lou Who??? 
The boys kept asking me when I was going to let the girls wear their Chinese silks.  I am a little hesitant to put them on them to go to town.....It's not like we don't get stared at enough.  They did look adorably Chinese:) in them, and we got lots of comments....which was WHY I didn't want to put them on.
 Both the girls have tried to claim my lovely red bag from Lori J....the same Lori that is responsible for the fancy toes:)... She's got us all fixed up I tell ya!  Between her and LL I have some pretty new accessories, and I smell good too:)  and I may have gained a couple of pounds from eating the box of chocolates.......It wasn't "Quite" in one sitting.....maybe 2:)  Sure was good with my coffee! Thanks Ladies!  You lifted my spirits!  I have been So Blessed by SO many people!  Thank you ALL who have done kind things for me!! 

 We finally had to pry her loose from the bag so we could leave.

 Wren is industriously making lists and checking things off....her play almost always includes imitating real life events......while miss piddle dink is.....well.... piddling.

 They were having a group hug here.  The girls wanted a picture!

 Kyndahl was teaching Iley how to pose!  As if this girl needs instruction in DRAMA!!  She was TOTALLY getting into it!  Look at her face!LOL.
 And the death grip hug!!!  This little girl can NOT get enough hugs and lovin!  Her little love bank has been depleted for too many years bless her heart.
 Then we had to dance....
 Which of course got out of hand.....notice Kyndahl is smashed against the cabinet, and I'm about to fall over because Wren is hanging.


  1. I'm not so sure if your house will ever calm down. ;) Your girlies are growing! Fun times, fun times, tired times! :)

  2. LOVE the silks. . ..beautiful!! No wonder people have comments!! Dancing, posing, & nail polish. . . .what a CHANGE your 'boy' house has undergone!!! :) :) I love the close-up snap of Thatcher & Kyndahl. . . .she's SUCH a CUTIE!! :) :)

  3. Cutenesses in their Chinese silks!!! Boy that was a job getting all those toes painted so pretty!!

    I love the comment about Cindy Lou Who! I always ask Hua Hua, "Okay seriously, are you from China or from Whoville??" and she always acts like she is thinking hard and says, "uummmm....CHINA!!"

    Love all that hugging going on!