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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Bears...Boys...& Bikes

Attack of the killer Bear!

 Such a lady with her legs crossed.........NOT!

  These little guys were cracking me (and themselves) up!  They were shooting the blonde guys' older brother.
 Life is just too much fun when you're 4 and a boy.....and have a gun and a buddy!

 Got Em!......Sooo funny:) I thought the little guy on the left was going to fall off the couch laughing:)

 Troy hollered at me to come see what the girls were doing, so I grabbed my camera and ran.  These are taken out the window... They were signing to each other to beat the signs that we recognized......but at least they were trying to communicate!  Wren....(of course).....had rigged up this "gate".  Iley had to go through all kinds of instructions.....that kept changing..... before the gate keeper would open it!  Whew!  I would have taken a detour!  These pictures also show the lovely state of our back patio...........YIKES!  These two can get out more stuff!!!!  I'm wishing I had a lock on the garage and the out building!  After they were done with the gate, they used the hose roller as a gas pump.  Wren would hook the short piece of hose to the trike and then turn the crank.  They had every trike, bike and riding toy all lined up at their pump.

 Then Wren motioned Iley to get on the front of her trike....Iley stood there looking dubiously at her....and decided to brave it.  They rode around like this for awhile............

 Then I'm not sure who decided it was time to switch.  Iley can barely get enough leg power to peddle herself around.....I was surprised that she actually was able to do this:)

 and if you're can come over for a looks like pea soup....or oobleck.....or flubber......take your pick.......a lovely shade of chartruese:)

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  1. I'm so behind on your blog! I just love how the girls play together! I need to send you an email!