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Sunday, August 5, 2012

11th Birthday and summer doin's

Sherman had a rather uneventful eleventh birthday.  Poor Baby, I did make him a cake...undecorated...BUT with  homemade caramel sauce....yummy.....unfortunately everyone had plans on the night we finally celebrated it.  He voted to go to Pizza Hut for supper and back home for cake and ice cream.   We tried to get his biggest brothers to come was gone, one was working.  Grandma and Grandpa had other plans already, so he was lucky his cousin Tigger was visiting, otherwise it would have just been boring ol mom and dad......and the annoying little sisters.....maybe we could market the annoying orange ya know....they're much cuter.......and I cant' figure out  why it made such a hit..(if you don't know who the annoying orange is.....go to utube and put in annoying orange...... Ok.....moving on to the pictures:)

 The boys crack me up!  They like picking out the girls clothes to wear to town, or even for everyday sometimes.  They definitely have favorites. Sherman asked if he could pick out the girls' clothes for his party:):)  He brought down the tutu skirts, and said "sorry mom, I picked the bad luck skirts...but they're so cute."  They are called that because Iley has wet her pants 2 out of 3 times she's worn it!!!!  Now we are 2 for 2:)  She made it home dry!  That was a nice gift for Mom!

 A trip across the street to Dollar General scored each of them a pistol..."They're only $1.00 each mom!" PLeeeeeaaaassssse!  Pleeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaasssssssseeeee! By this time of night....$3.00 is a small price to pay for peace!.....Let's see...pistols n peace in the same sentence....does seem a bit of a paradox!!!  But you moms know what I mean:)
 Terrorizing the natives....although they weren't terribly frightened.

They were clean, dressed, & hair combed so the best way to keep them that way is to bring out the  cartoons:)
A close up of cute little brown feet.  I still get a kick out of the contrast of the top and bottom of their feet and hands.  So cute!

 I'm starting to like Wren's hair a little better finally.  It looks a little less hacked now that it's growing out a bit.  I still have to put mousse in it and blow dry it then hairspray it before I LIKE the results.  They both look pretty cute tonight if I do say so myself.  Thank you Lord for these precious little girls.

 In the car headed to Hays to eat supper with some visiting friends from Colorado. 

 And no trip to Hays is complete with out a stop at Ol Wally World.  Iley strapped herself into the cart....Then of course acted like it was my fault she couldn't get out???

 I was trying to get them to smile..but this was not quite what I wanted:(

Look......little Pink Gnomes!

 This little guy was visiting with his mom and dad for one of the earlier mentioned weddings, He has Korean ancestry, and could have been the girls' brother:)  Some one at Dairy Queen said "Did you guys adopt 3?"  I said NO he's a friends little boy.    He sure is cute;) and sweet. Wren skipped breakfast and attached herself to Harrison.  She wasn't about to miss out on riding the 4-wheeler.
 Iley on the other hand, opted for cereal.......then realized that they were leaving her:-0  oh my.....the squalls that arose!  Sherman was SUCH a peach and stayed sitting right next to her, even helping her fish for the marshmallows......hey hey hey....she  has to eat the "cereal" too!  and waited with her till she was all done.
 One has a dimple in the chin, one has dimples in the cheeks.

I tried to get a good picture of the girls before we headed to a wedding......they were SO uncooperative:(:(

 Wren was in a snit most of the day???  Probably because they went to bed late and got up at the same time as usual.  Wren has an internal clock that gets up at 8:00 no matter what time she goes to bed. Guess that's better than a 6:00 clock:)

We were invited to 2 weddings yesterday.  One was at 1:30 and one was at 2:30.  So we attended the wedding at 1:30 and then headed to the reception of the other one.  It was a BIG day with LOTS of sitting for the girls.  It was a ROUGH day for Momma and Babba! whew!  On the way to the second wedding Wren had already fallen asleep, and I told Iley "just go to sleep"  I looked back and she had her head on her knee, appearing to be sound asleep.  I snapped this picture.........
 .......and she popped up chortling!!!  She's such a tease!  She was faking it.......or was just barely asleep?

I woke up Sunday Morning with a crashing headache:(  Troy sent me upstairs to bed:)   I ventured down near lunch time, head still pounding:( and drugged myself with 4 ibuprofen, and sank into the chair in the kitchen.  Even in my semi hazy state....I'm thinking blog The girls were happily entertaining themselves walking across the chairs, stopping to admire and make faces at  them selves in the mirror on the way by.  They would walk across, then go through the door at the end into the bathroom, out the other side into the bedroom, then out to the kitchen to start over.  It makes a lovely circle.  Actually out whole down stairs makes a circle.  Every room has at LEAST 2 doors (which makes it very hard to arrange furniture) but is great for chasing each other through the house, or pushing baby strollers.

 I stuck these last two on last minute:)  "Someone" showed up just in time to make it on the blog:)  I thought "someone" else might like to see his cute face here:)  I think he was talking to that "someone" on the phone:)  Long distance relation ships are such a drag:(  So until you can see the real deal.......Here's a glimpse:)

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