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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sand Sea and Silliness

Some Fancy shoes From Uncle Mike and Aunt Gwen..........welllll probably Uncle Mike had little to do with their purchase.......guessing we have A.Gwen and cousin Fran to thank.  They had so much fun stumbling clomping around in them.

And Grandma got some doctor sets for not to fear......we have all been thoroughly examined, and have had ALL our shots.......and blood pressure checked.  I didn't see a certificate to practice medicine anywhere........but they look trustworthy....Not sure what pressure Sherman was checking here???


Then they wanted the blanket wrapped around them like on each end.....which of course ended with both of them pulling in opposite directions and landing in a heap.

But it made a nice place to transport all their critters when they unwound.
And our beautiful niece Fran on the left, and her cousin Maddie.
And our cool dude teens.......Nephew Henry and Harrison.
A table for 13 please..........

 Our annual trip to the fudge store!  The Scotch Bonnet.  They have 32 flavors of fudge and have been featured on the Food Network!  I always get Southern Comfort......It is AMAZING!!!  Chocolate on the bottom, then a layer of chewy caramel and pecans, then a layer of vanilla swirled with caramel!!!  Harrison always gets peanut butter, and Sherman tried snickers this year.  Everyone declared it good.

 The girls were SOOOO happy to see Big brother Ash show up!  He came at the beginning of the second week we are here with his girlfriend Ella:)  They SHRIEKED in DELIGHT when he came up the stairs!

 Walking out on the a bit hair raising a few times.  I was always ready to drop the camera and grab a child!

Being silly.......Uncle Mikes had left that morning, and no one was quite sure what to do with themselves, so they tried on various head gear.

 Sock Monkey hats at the beach:)  Gotta love it!  Isn't she adorable in it though!  I may have to go back and buy 2:)

 Crazy sunglasses!

 Iley's hat was some kind of black cat.  It had ears, but they don't show up very well here.
 Totally hamming it up for the camera here!

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