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Friday, July 27, 2012

OBX Finale

Ok here is the last of the OBX pictures.  I'm finally getting them posted.  We had S...L...O...W... internet service there and it would take me a whole day to do a post:(  Not fun.  Then I got home and realized I had left my camera card reader there...which thankfully Dad had grabbed...but he's in Ohio, and I'm in Kansas....soooo...I just got it in the snail mail today. 

We had several WINDY, sand blowing, kind of days, and the girls were getting bored....sooo while Granpa was out (he probably didn't approve, but the girls get away with anything).....we put up a pool on the deck.  This entertained the girls....and Harrison and Sherman:) for a while.

 Those goggles don't look very comfy, and they can hardly see out of them, and they don't keep any water out of their eyes, but they had to have them on.
 Wren is always under water!

 Not sure what the flag was all about.  Sherman made it out of a hanky and the sweeper extensions.

 Then they added high heels and had it hanging between them.  It looked like fancy ladies in a parade:)
 Sisterly bonding over string cheese.

These two were cutely quietly minding their own business....

 ......think I bothered them?....:)
Ella volunteered to take family pictures for us on the pier.

 My oldest, and my youngest......I think the photographer was the most interested in the oldest(-;

 Cute little brown feet with blue toenails...compliments of Ella:)

 We tried to get a good picture of the boys.....we got typical pictures.
 I think we might have said something like "act sweet"


Then it was my turn to take a few pictures.

We all ate at our favorite fish house on the way out.  Ella was freezing.....and as Grandpa who is also always freezing was the only one with a jacket along... in July....Ella was not too proud to wear it!
 My Mamma and Babba(-:
 The girls sadly saying goodbye to Ash and Ella.

I think the girls liked their first visit to the ocean.  By the end of the first week they were both going out into the big waves.....well as long as they weren't REALLY breaking over their heads.

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