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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Monday, July 9, 2012

OBX Bound

This is on the way........Wren fell asleep.  The boys say it freaks them out to look at her:)  She always sleeps with her eyes open a little.

When we got to the hotel, we realized we had forgot their floaties:(  They are asking "where are they"

Iley had decided she did NOT want her picture taken? so it was just these two.

 Everyone ready  for the day...headed to the Cardiologist.

eating breakfast before Iley's Heart appointment.

Wearing Harrisons hat to keep her hair out of her food!

 Doing a little shopping in T*rget

 On the Plane headed to Raleigh NC.  Then we get a rental car and drive 4 more hours on to the beach.  Notice Iley's cute little ruffled tutu skirt.........all dressed nice to meet Grandma and Grandpa....just notice.........
 Harrison and Wren.......she wasn't scared....I think she was mad cause she wanted to sit somewhere else.  She ended up by her Dad!

 The static on the plane was Crazy!  Wrens hair was stuck to the side most of the way!
 And now notice......the Lack of the cute little tutu. Luckily I had brought a back up....for emergency only!.....She had been acting scared to go to the bathroom cause she was afraid it would hurt. I think we must have got a little soap up there in the bath?  She didn't go when she woke up that morning, so I put a pull up on her and packed 2 pair of undies, and an extra pair of shorts.  I thought surely she'd go eventually.  We sat on the potty NUMEROUS times..with NO luck.  She would squirm, and kick her feet to hold it no avail...she was a MISERABLE mess!.....but when the dam finally broke.......on the belt light on........there was no option.....but the pullup didn't hold a whole night, and morning worth of back up:(

We thought surely the problem was solved!  But....she was still afraid to go!!  Sooo, MANY more fruitless trips to the bathroom...and another flight.......with seatbelt lights on at the WRONG time........and THIS is how she met Grandpa and Grandma!  So much for wanting them to look cute:(
I guess pride goeth before a fall..........drat!  Good thing she's too little to care if you parade through the airport in your whitie tighties!  Good thing the seats were leather.......although Harrisons book bag underneath didn't fare quite so well:(  He was NOT impressed!LOL

I think they remembered Grandma and Grandpa!  They seemed kind of surprised, but like hey...we've seen these folks before...and went right to them.  I don't think they are used to people that have left their life, coming back into it.  Hopefully this will reinforce the fact that all these people are here to stay.
 Grandpa helping them jump from tile to tile while waiting for Troy to get the rental car.
I dug in the luggage and found this jumper that Iley had worn the day before.  Luckily she's the neat eater!  It was in decent shape.  But I couldn't get to it till we got our suitcases from the baggage claim area.

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  1. Whew! What a flight! I got the giggles thinking how with all those back-ups, she still ended up in undies in the airport!! hahahaha! Glad you made is safely and so nice to see sweet grandma and grandpa!