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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Monday, July 9, 2012

Meeting the Ocean.

Sunday morning before church.  We attended Hatteras Island Christian Fellowship.  They are the church that contributed a large donation towards our adoption.  It was a blessing to be able to thank them in person, and to be able to introduce them to the girls. 
 Headed to the beach in their swim suits.  They were happily signing "swim" when we left the house...we are wondering if they'll be as enthusiastic when they see the water!
 They walked along all by them selves........until the sidewalk ended.  Then you'd have thought they were walking on boulders!  They had no idea how to move their feet, or keep their balance in this strange shifting stuff.  We had to hold their hands and sort of drag them along.  It reminded me of a book from my childhood about a dog that layed on a cold stone floor and when he was finally purchased by his master.....he didn't know how to dig......cause how was he supposed to learn on that cold stone floor.  These little feet are just learning the new experience of walking on surfaces other than pavement and tiles.  By the end of day two they were already doing MUCH better!
I let go of Wren's hand and stepped ahead to take this picture and she just froze!
 She is NOT afraid to try new things, and would probably follow her dad off a cliff if he led her!  He is motioning for Iley to come down too......she on the other hand......said no way that water is the craziest stuff I've ever seen, and I don't want any part of it thank you very much.

 She would wave her little hand at it and shake her head NO.
 So Babba came and picked her up......she protested mightily!  Wren is like WOW, this is interesting water!  It keeps coming back.......COOL.
Look how uptight Iley is!  Wren is having a ball!

 But she decided she kind of liked it after all:)  But still has a death grip on Babba!

Hey!!! Where did the water go???
 There it is!  Chortle Chortle!

 Coming carefully down from the top deck.

The Cool dudes that hang out on the top deck:)  They are having fun, being just old enough to have a feeling of independence......without actually being old enough to go anywhere:) Mom likes that!  They can walk down to the store, and go to the beach alone they are happy.

Sorry about the duplicate pictures!  Blogger wouldn't let me cut them for some reason??  Wren went out in the waves with Troy this afternoon and loved it!  She had on a life jacket and would let go of him and just float, hanging on by a hand, and if a big wave came , Troy would lift her over.  Iley liked staying safely on the beach happily filling a bucket of water with sand........oh well, each to their own as they say:)


  1. So glad you are still posting even when you're on vacation!! Love seeing them on the beach! Keep the pics coming :) Have a safe trip and i'm sure you are enjoying your family! Tell Gwen i'm jealous she has met the girls now and I haven't! We always compare notes about them when we see each other! Have a great time!! Love you all!


  2. Love the pics and they bring back many wonderful memories:) Hope your time is relaxing and fun! May your return flight be less eventful and "drier". Are you laughing about it yet??? Hugs, Jennifer

  3. Judy these photos are awesome! The area is beautiful there in NC. Also, what a joy to be able to take a trip to the church who supported you and thank them in person. I love to see the girls first moments at the water's edge - it was so similar to Hua Hua's! She was about as apprehensive as Iley!

  4. So Glad these little beauties are my grandaughters.