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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Just Life

Snuggling with big bro Thatch.....faking sleep......Thatcher probably wishes he COULD sleep!

 Then Thatcher leaves and big Bro Ash comes over.  He is entertaining them.....very close to the pot of water heating for their noodles!  They wouldn't want to lose sight of the goal..........
 And being the positive influence that he is...hmm...Hmm....He SHOWS them how to spin the Lazy Susan!!!  You can SEE Wren's instant reaction here! 

So OF COURSE she has to try it too!

 And then Iley gets in on the action!  I'll be lucky if there is one pan left on the shelf!

 The pictures above are a weeks growth on Ash.  The picture below is how he showed up Sunday morning!  I thought all he needed was a watch and fob, and a monocle.  I'm not sure it goes with the faux hock though?  but it made us laugh :)

 After Church we headed to the Hays pool......where I discovered after being informed by a life guard......that you are NOT allowed to take pictures inside the water park:(  So no pictures of the girls swimming:(  They loved it though!  we were there from 3:00 -6:00.  They liked the lazy river....for about 2 rounds.....then they were bored and signing "swim".  Wren LOVED the little frog slide in the kiddie pool and went down it at least 20 times....Iley tried it once..thought she liked it......and then chickened out the second time??  It has water squirting out at the top, I don't think she liked it hitting her face??  But she loved being able to cruise around all through the water able to touch the bottom the whole time.

Then we headed to our favorite Mexican restaraunt....which was closed for a private party!!!  How dare they:)  So we went to another one.....which wasn't nearly as good......sigh......

This is the back seat crew.

 .....and the middle drivers side...........
 .....and the middle passenger side....who is begging to look at the pictures I just took......

 Our supper group of 10.

 On to do some necessary shopping at the ol W-Mart.  Kicked back... strapped in...and bribed with suckers:)  Parenting at it's best!

The boys thought it was SO funny to sneak up behind them and try to scare them.

 Playing in the game room while Dad loads the groceries, and goes to find the boys.......lost somewhere in the deep dark depths of W-mart......

 Monday morning.....dressed ready to go to their 2nd play date....1st with non-family members.
 Getting to know each other........
 Wouldn't exactly call it "music" coming from the joint efforts......but.......they had fun banging away!
 Wren loved playing with all their doll stuff.
 Iley enjoyed all the electronic toys that made noise.
 Lets see how many girls we can cram in one kitchen!

It was kind of interesting, but makes sense....Wren actually was much less shy than Iley, and found the language barrier non existent.  She's so used to playing without conversation, that she jumped right in.  Iley is more shy with new kids that try to talk to her.  I think she feels the language gap much more.  It always amazes me how kids do NOT see color when meeting someone new.  They are not intimidated by differences.  The fact that these new friends were blonde haired and blue eyed......mattered not at all.   They were nice......and had cool toys.......we are good to go!  For the first little bit my girls pretty much explored the toy scene to see what all was there.....kind of ignoring their kinds hostess':(  Then Wren started playing with the girls and dolls.  I think the girls that were hosting us were a little overwhelmed by the invasion.  Thank you girls for letting us play!  Hopefully we'll have better manners next time.

 Home again.....Harrison is SO patient with this little leech!  He does escape occasionally, but he does a great job putting up with a constant shadow.

Monday evening Troy and I and Harrison and Sherman were looking at stuff on the computer.....which did not interest them in the least......and they were trying to crawl all over we told them GO play....away play.....but.....they didn't GO far!  They set up camp....right outside the door where we were!
....and lest you think I'm a terrible mother....THEY turned the lights out...and I didn't even realize Iley was chewing on a plastic bag till I posted these!...she chews on everything! Last time it was the polly pockets shoes.......then a PP just never know....but never fear......she is alive and least as of  3 minutes ago.

 They set up a fan.....??

 Tuesday the day off with a proper mess.....playdough before breakfast......ugh!  Doesn't bode well for the rest of the day!


  1. You know that I'm a huge fan of your blog and you and your babies! I wish we lived closer I would invite you for coffee or tea or your preferred drink and my girls, especially Kendall would entertain yours and we could have some grown up Mommy time!

  2. I would like to join both of you girls for that coffee and visit time!! Oh wouldn't that be delightful?!

    Ok, where do I start??!! First, snuggling with Thatch, just sweet!! Ash's new mustache/sideburn thingy? Fun and crazy!! Hays water park, no pics allowed? Weird!! Mexican food? Awesome!! Love the 3 amigos in the back seat of the van! Bribing kids with candy?? I'm all for it!! ALWAYS looking for my teenagers in Walmart! Love the play date and it looks like they had a great time! Harrison's face with the little leech on him?? Priceless! Eating a plastic bag? Classic mom-award moment!! Beauty! (I love to collect those awards myself!) They set up a fan?? Wow smartie-pantses! Starting off the day with a mess? What else??

    There! I did it! I love your posts so much that I had to go through my fav moment on that one tonight! :)

  3. It looks like the girls are doing great and the boys are loving them! I love all the pics. It really looks like you are all having a great time! We miss you guys!