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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Cousins and Carrying Ons

 Eating Rice Krispy Treats with cousin McKell.  She's here visiting from Ohio.

Wren came out with a hat on.....Wren is always the one doing....something. 
 So of course.....Iley wanted one too! 

Ok Grandpa these next few are for you.  Here's some of Thatcher and Kyndahl...together.

These were some of their engagement pics.  We had a hard time getting T. to cooperate!  He's talking or being silly in most of them....

 These two cousins are the best of buddies:)
 Poor Kelby (McKell) is a little out numbered by all her boy cousins, and has to seek refuge at her girlfriends house occasionally!
 Wren thought this was so cool!
 Do it again!!!
Dad moved to the bedroom to talk on the phone in peace....except...oh yeah...there IS no peaceful spot in this house.
 Look mom.............they are sitting so nicely by each other:)  Aren't they sweet!  Do you miss them yet:)
 Sherman got a new feather pillow from Grandpa and Grandma for his birthday. He was thrilled!

 We had two pingpong tournaments at Grandmas house today....I think Thatcher won one, and Grandpa won one......i think....I just know that I did NOT!

Ash made it home tonight from his vacation.  The girls were glad to see him!  Him and Iley are singing Christmas carols!???  Something Iley was watching on the ipad.
 This one's for you Ella:)'re welcome.
 Oh....and this you miss him yet:(

 Wren had just been sitting on Ash's lap too, but switched to hanging on Dad's leg.  I finally coaxed a good smile out of her. 

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  1. Yep, no peace in our house either. Love the cute engagement pics!