Lonely no More:)
And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Cousins and Carrying Ons

 Eating Rice Krispy Treats with cousin McKell.  She's here visiting from Ohio.

Wren came out with a hat on.....Wren is always the one doing....something. 
 So of course.....Iley wanted one too! 

Ok Grandpa these next few are for you.  Here's some of Thatcher and Kyndahl...together.

These were some of their engagement pics.  We had a hard time getting T. to cooperate!  He's talking or being silly in most of them....

 These two cousins are the best of buddies:)
 Poor Kelby (McKell) is a little out numbered by all her boy cousins, and has to seek refuge at her girlfriends house occasionally!
 Wren thought this was so cool!
 Do it again!!!
Dad moved to the bedroom to talk on the phone in peace....except...oh yeah...there IS no peaceful spot in this house.
 Look mom.............they are sitting so nicely by each other:)  Aren't they sweet!  Do you miss them yet:)
 Sherman got a new feather pillow from Grandpa and Grandma for his birthday. He was thrilled!

 We had two pingpong tournaments at Grandmas house today....I think Thatcher won one, and Grandpa won one......i think....I just know that I did NOT!

Ash made it home tonight from his vacation.  The girls were glad to see him!  Him and Iley are singing Christmas carols!???  Something Iley was watching on the ipad.
 This one's for you Ella:)'re welcome.
 Oh....and this you miss him yet:(

 Wren had just been sitting on Ash's lap too, but switched to hanging on Dad's leg.  I finally coaxed a good smile out of her. 

Iley Heart Update

We got a call from the pediatric Cardiologist while we were on vacation.  He said he'd presented Iley's case to the "brainstorming" team.......basically the group of Cardiologists at Children's Mercy Hospital in KC.  Dr. Hubbell had never seen Iley's combination of Defects in the same heart.  They decided after some research that the best place for her surgery would be at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota.  So we are scheduled for open heart surgery on Sept. 21st.  We will be there for a week to 10 days if everything goes well.  Longer if there are complications.  Please pray for her to remain healthy, and for the surgery, Lord willing to be a success. 

You talkin about Me?

This is the drawing that the surgeon drew for us to explain what was going on.

She has a ASD (atrial septal defect) which is basically a hole between the right and left atrium in the septum.

She also has a VSD (ventrical septal defect)  which is between the two lower chambers, the ventricals. 

The ebstein anomaly, is really a downward placement of the tricuspid valve.  This is the valve that allows the blood that comes in from the body to the right atrium, to build up and then the pressure opens the valve to the lower chamber, the right ventrical.  Hers is leaking blood back up into the right atrium and causing it to be slightly enlarged.  We have to monitor her blood pressure occasionally.  If it gets above 160-180 beats per minute, while at rest, we are to call the doctor.  Otherwise, she has no restrictions, or medicines.  She is a happy, chirpy, active little Cricket. 

Friday, July 27, 2012

Back on Kansas Time.

We have hearing aids......and we can't tell they do her one bit of  good:(  Harrison gleefully whacked two pans together behind nearly shattered my eardrums...she never even flinched:(  Troy popped a plastic bag behind her....not a twitch:(  But we really didn't expect anything....just hoping maybe.  She likes to wear them though which is a good thing.  Maybe she will get used to something on her ears and not mind the implant processors.....if she can get them. PRAYING for this!!
 Wren is Crazy observant! We went to a music performance on vacation that had a violin player...she came into the kitchen to show me this!  Check out her hands, and how they are positioned on her "violin"  I'm always amazed when I think about the fact that she never heard one sound the whole performance.  She is always playing guitars, and playing the keyboard with much pomp and flare.  She is fascinated by musical instruments.  PLEASE God......let this baby hear!!!

 Sidewalk Chalk.....thanks Aunt Diane:)

 a gogurt snack after swimming
 Big sis Kyndahl, Iley, Wren, and Cousin McKell (from Ohio) What a bunch of CUTIES!

Another Chummy moment:)

A Drier Journey!

Moving out of the hotel at Raleigh headed to the airport....I think the girls' favorite part of motel living is riding on the carts.  We were praying for a drier journey home than we had coming!!!
 Every now and then the girls end up on exactly the same wave lenghth and are the chumiest things you've ever seen!  They held hands every where they walked, and had the best of time.....WHY is it so few and far between??

My children LOVE it when mom gets a sugar attack:)  Cause then everyone gets candy:)

LOOK!  She's in the same clothes she started in!!! WOOO HOOO! and Thank you Thank you!

Hotel in Kansas City....  Motels get REALLY boring when you're done swimming, and you're too young for "River Monsters" or Myth Busters.  So I went shopping at the nearby Target for something for the girls to do......and just to go shopping at Target:)

 Headed to the Ear Doctor to get Wren's hearing aids and then HOME.  I think our luggage pile grew.....