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Monday, June 25, 2012

This N That

These two are so unpredictable!  One time they want to be as close as possible...happily sharing everything........the next time they can't be within a foot of each other to eat.  They remind me of a couple of dogs....if you have fresh meat....look out, and guard your kill! Or in their case....if you have dumplings guard it well, or if they are really hungry.....if they're not's like our dogs sharing a bowl of dog food......ok, we'll eat it cause it's here, but no need to fight over it. 

Saturday we decided to take a road trip and see how the girls did traveling, Troy had some business that needed taken care of about 4hrs away.  I said sure I'll go.......if I can drive....and you take care of the girls.  Isn't he a poor henpecked husband!  They really did pretty amazing considering that the longest car ride since we've been home has been 45min.

 I wondered what they'd think about staying in a motel again too.  We hadn't stayed in one since China.  They actually seemed kind of excited, and loved jumping on the bed!  The room had mirrors above the beds, and one on the wall beside theirs...they about fell off several times while watching themselves jump!  I'm sure the cleaning ladies appreciated all the finger prints too:(
 Wren thought it was way too inefficient to wait on mom or dad for help getting up and down from the bed, so she pushed this handy footstool over for easy accesibility!

 A rare moment where the cricket is still!  Her lips were still a little blue from swimming.

 I took these Sunday morning....I had high hopes of getting some really cute pictures....all of us were dressed in black and white, and there was this nice bench and dreamy weeping willow right outside our room......andthings started out hopeful.....but thenWren tripped and fell coming headlong out the door:( and scraped her she was still "getting over it" in all these pictures, and I guess Iley was just empathizing with her??

 You'd think I had just captured them in the jungle here!!??

Babba was trying to get her all taken care of and cheered up.......
 But it was a losing battle.....
 Still not happy.....and Iley is tired of all the picture business, and more interested in the wound.....
 Well at least Troy looks good in this one.....and no one is crying......but I gave it up at this point:(
 We had to wait about 20 minutes for brunch.....they had only had 2 crackers ahead of time......and Iley kept tapping my leg and shrugging her shoulders and signing "eat" while pointing to the tables.  She was like....what are we waiting for??  There's the tables!  They have NO patience when it comes to eating!

Can you guess what Wren's doing in these next two pictures?:)

She was acting like her phone was a hand mirror, and she was applying her eye makeup!LOL  This girl has a serious imagination!  Then she was trying to get Iley to do it, and she wasn't getting the idea at all.  Wren was even holding the "mirror" for her!
 I"ll just be silly!.......Wren thinks it's funny:)  She's taking a picutre too.  I didn't get a picture of it, but the next time I turned around, Wren was using her phone as a stick of deoderant.  She started out just putting it under her arm.....but then pulled out the neck of her dress to do it right.

We took Iley to the eye doctor this morning.  She wasn't as cooperative as she could have been, and they weren't able to get a picture of her eye to see what shape her eye is.  The doctor did some other testing, and and just observed her.  She is pretty sure she is near sighted, and has prescribed some glasses(-150) for her  so we paid 172.00 for a pair of glasses to "try" for a month!!!  RIDICULOUS!!!  on top of the 94.00 for the appointment:( Blech!  I hope they help her!  They said .....if she wears them.....if she stops looking out of the top of  her eyes......if she becomes more interested in her environment?? means they are helping.  They will also dialate her eyes next time and do more extensive testing.....hoping she'll be more cooperative since she's been there before........we'll see.

Then we had a meeting with the "team" of people that will be involved in the girls' schooling.  We just talked about where the girls are.....where we need to get them.....and what we have to do to accomplish it.....where to start, etc.  We are so blessed to work with such an awesome group of people, and a school that truly cares about the kids learning.  The girls were very cheerily occupied by all the preschool toys! Happily feeding us bowls of rainbow colored plastic dinosaurs, and emptying every toy container!  I had to drag Wren out of the back storage area where she'd investigated, and found MORE stuff:(  That childs gonna be the death of me!  We had a tearful...pry her hands loose....parting between Iley and a toy curling iron!  She refused to leave....till we turned out the lights......then everyone went out....except mom...and I moved to the hallway.  She finally came sobbing out, mad as a little wet hen!  She cried all the way home......she can moan longer than anyone I know......well since Thatcher that is:).......When we get back from vacation we'll start in on a series of evaluations with the "team" to get a more accurate read on where the girls really are.
 Their next appointments will be with the audiologist for Wren on July 5th, and the Cardiologist for Iley on the 6th.  Everyone Please pray that Wren is able to get something to help her hear, and that she cooperates well with the audiology team so they can see what she needs.......and for healing for Iley's heart..through the direct hand of God....or through the surgeon....and hand of God. 

Thanks for staying with me this long:)  and don't forget to comment:)  I love to hear from you all! Hugs to each of you.


  1. I love the photos! I pray that all goes well with your appointments. Journey gets three teeth pulled tomorrow and then Wednesday we head to Bham for our IAC appointment. I hope it won't be to much for her.

    Keep blogging! I'm loving the journey! I'm amazed at how well you handle everything!

  2. This is my 2 "reality" cents!! It took us 8 months to finally get F to keep her glasses on :) :) Hopefully they will help so much that she won't mind them. Still praying for your every day "stuff".

  3. Ok you all are cute!! Judy, YOU are CUTE!! It's nice to see your mug in a couple pics!!