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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Pool Time

I was laughing at Kyn here cause she scooted her chair around so she could watch Tweety Bird with the girls:)  They had started watching when I was fixing their lunch.......and YES I purposely sat them in front of it so they wouldn't be right under my feet while I was trying to get them something to eat.........then they didn't want to stop to eat, so I sat it in front of them.......and they....and I ......ate in peace!  Tweety is such a chum:)

 This is what I'm talking about when I say she looks out of the top of her eyes!!  It made my eyes hurt when I tried it!
This is the look I got......for at least 5 minutes.......for scolding her for pinching Wren!  You'd think she was the one who got pinched!

Then as I was putting a hair holder in Wren's hair.....Iley is patting the top of her head, wanting one too!  So we had a little fun with it:)  And yes that's a dog bone.....and yes it's been chewed on! Pebbles didn't mind a bit:)

Sometimes at the pool, I wish we were invisible!  I hear...."your daughters are so cute"  thank you.  "their swimsuits are so cute" thank you.  "do they speak any English" not much.  "Which one is deaf"  I want to figure it's kids, and they are just interested because they've heard the boys talk about I say this one. "Which one is older?"  "are they twins?" no.  on and on and on!!! sigh.....  I feel like I have some exotic pets with me or something.  I know people are just interested, and mean well, but sometimes I just wish we could sit at the pool, in our own space without doing a question and answer session the whole time!  BUT>>>>>>>>>>  Headline news here!  We only made 1 trip to the bathroom!!!  I HOPE that means they are getting better bladder control........and NOT that they are getting tired of the trips to the bathroom.......and using the pool!!!!!!!Yikes scary thought!

Iley was so pleased with herself for putting her head in the water!

 So when I took her picture, of course Wren had to do it too:)  She does it all the time though.

 All the kids wanted to play with the little fish and net we brought.....this distressed the's hard to know whether to make the girls share.....or tell the other kids no:(  I want them to be generous, but also understand that they haven't had much of their own either:(

 I have no idea who this little guy is but he wanted his picture taken, and I thought they were cute:)

And we always have snack time after the second break....around 4:00.

 Check out this next set of pictures!  I wasn't even trying to do this.  When I loaded them and looked at them, it looks like I just cut the picture in half.  Kinda cool:)

A girl in Shermans class found these goggles in the bottom of the pool and gave them to Wren to wear......they were much coveted by Iley.......then the girl said oh wait....I have another pair in my bag!  Thank you T:)


 Which MUCH pleased miss Cricket!

 She wore these the rest of the time....I don't think they helped her vision issues much???!!!

 This girl played with the girls all day.  
 Wren had fun swimming with the big girls in the big pool.  She is much braver than Iley.  Also much more willing to go with girls she really doesn't know:(  Not sure if this is good or bad.  She did keep an eye on where I was though and keep checking in.
 While others chilled in the baby pool.

Wren...Watching her big friend jump off the diving board.   She kept a close eye on her.  She gets bored pretty quick in the baby pool, but comes over to warm up.  It's always much warmer than the other one.  We try not to think of "why" it might's just smaller....I'm SURE that's why!


  1. I'm loving your photos! I find myself "forgetting" my camera half the time!

  2. lol. oh, no, no....warmness in the pool....yeah, definitely a result of the pool size. hahah!