Lonely no More:)
And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Friday, June 22, 2012

I have to admit.....the last couple of days have been a little rough......I really haven't felt like blogging....nor have I had time.  The girls have followed me around, literally on my heels for the last two days!  They have been extra fussy......which makes ME extra fussy.......which makes them even fussier.......which reduces me to tears by the end of the day!!!  Which requires me to leave them with their father and  take a long walk.........ALONE!  I have to pray....and cry......and BEG, PLEAD, and BESEACH, my heavenly father for STRENGTH and Patience!  Playing Charades all after day......and sometimes feeling like you are making NO progress......gets very wearing!  BUT......if I look at the big picture, and not just today......where I failed SO many times.......we ARE making progress.  They are learning more signs, and more English.......and finding more boundaries.  But it is tough going some days......and I am so stinkin human:( and selfish:( and weak!  When I beseached God for words from him to help me.....I opened my bible and read......1Peter sum it up......though now for a little while, if need be, you have been grieved by various trials, ...though it is tested by fire.......receiving the end of your faith- the salvation of your souls.     WHY is character growth ALWAYS so painful????  I'm trying to be a fast learner!  But God must feel like he's playing Charades with me most days:(.........and somedays I'm fussy, and just miss the whole point. 

Wren is the one with the biggest imagination!  She is usually the leader and director of all their messes play.  It's so funny to watch them when they are playing and don't know you are watching.  They don't talk......BUT.....they still communicate.  They raise their eyebrows in question and point.....and use a few signs.....and head shakes or nods.....hand wavings.......and giggles.  They totally crack each other up sometimes ...where the rest of us don't see the humor:)  Some how they "get" each other.....which is the beauty of a sister:).......someone who "gets" you.......who makes you laugh till you cry.....who makes you laugh when you want to cry.......who listens to you whine, and knows all your weakness's....Who loves you anyway....who shares your background and your history...and your future.

They were hugging here.....Iley was done......Wren was still hanging on.......Iley's gonna shreik.

 They were having a snack of little Koala cookies from their good fairies...Denise C. and Lynette E.:)  Thanks ladies!  They've enjoyed some noodle dishes too!  notice the dress above....and Iley's mouth...below. They found a (thank goodness dry erase) marker and had completely blacked the palms of their hands...then they gleefully showed me and signed "dirty"!!! (that was good:))......some was on their clothes...faces.....and the little stool they were working on too...that was bad.

We had been riding for a bit, and had several disputes over "who" was going to sit in the seat on the back.....which was a new addition....when I ran in the house to get something....I came back and discovered they had solved the problem all by them selves!  They've been riding like this ever since:) for me!  But I'm sure if "I" had suggested it.......

 The Asian squat

too much sand in the shoes......they had to go.
 Wren had pulled the hose over...clear from the pool........and put it through the swing????

They love their big sister (to be) Kyndahl!  She does puzzles with them....
 and takes walks with them......

 Wren of course was done.......and ready to move to the next thing.  She never stays with one activity for long......there are so many other messes to be made......lets keep moving please.

Iley can piddle for a looong time.

 she showed Kyndahl her hands and signed dirty:)

 I guess she was hiding from Kyndahl.....she about pulled Iley over backwards....which doesn't take much.
Wren was standing with her feet crossed, so Iley had to try it too.....she kept falling over.

 This is my morning wake up crew. 
I told Wren to smile....she gave me this cheesy imitation.

 Iley picked up her bear and wanted her picture taken with it.
 Then....they wouldn't get out of I started making it with them in it.
 Which..of course.......made some screech.
 But wait......Wren is laughing and thinks its maybe I do too.
 Wren is ALWAYS into EVERYTHING!!!   Iley doesn't think of it.....but once it's out, she's usually game.   I put away gas cans, fishing poles, coolers, waterjugs, ski clothing (stored in the basement)  and this is all before lunch.  Yesterday I had to empty several bowls in their play kitchen that she'd filled with water from their cups. I'm forever gettting her out of the bathroom sink. Troy has had to bring her back to the house , from the shop...twice today.  I just found the battle ship game on the back steps!  She has a whole game of Bible Trivia dumped on the basement floor, and is back down there.......into who knows what!!!!  They are 2-3 year olds in knowing what to play with, and where the boundaries are.....but with the ability of a 5 year old to get it out:(  DANGEROUS!!!  I started this post right after breakfast.....but have had MANY interuptions!  Right now they are back up from the the living room....cutting paper into confetti sized pieces with scissors......that Wren went and got out of the  drawer.....where she watched me put them away.  She doesn't forget where anything is!  It's frightening.....she watches EVERYTHING!  WE pull the keys from the 4-wheeler....cause she's watched us start it.  I was putting something in a tupperware dish, and before I know it she's looking through the lid container....and brings me a lid.....the correct lid!  At lunch I got out the left over casserole....and she's in the cupboard getting out the basket to put it in.  I told her NO we don't need's not hot.........she doesn't quite get it.  Troy took the chicken out to grill, and she of course follows him out...then is back in getting a glass casserole dish out of the cupboard to put the chicken in!   At breakfast she's at the fridge, getting out the eggs (scary)...then the skillet.....then the bowls......then the exact same spoon and fork set.....woe unto us if it's dirty......we store the bulk of the eggs in the garage and fill just a small carton in the morning she came in from the garage with it all filled herself......I think she only broke 3 in this process........she is just a little TOO much help most of the time!!  She will run you OVER to be able to set the table, and cries and has fits if Iley gets to it first! She is independent to a fault in some ways, and SO SO needy in others.  She can lug a 5 gallon drink cooler up a flight of steps from the basement, but won't move out of the bathroom till someone comes and helps her pull her pants up.  She can haul her high chair from one end of the house to the other, and then won't get in it to eat unless you lift her up......because she saw you do it for Iley. Iley on the other hand is pretty easy going in most ways...but don't upset her or she will go on and on and on and on for what seems like forever!  If you scold Wren she gets beligerent, if you scold Iley she WHINES for the next 20 minutes.  If Wren falls down and skins her knee......she cries LOUD, and wants lots of attention.....for about 3minutes.  If Iley falls down and skins her knee......she cries LOUDER, and wants lots of attention......for the next hour:(....and then we have to be "easy" everytime we pull her undies up and down.......which is OFTEN!  Wren would play outside all day.....we bribe Iley to go out by locking up the poor dogs, who wouldn't hurt a flea, and handing a sucker out the door!!  She actually played outside so long this morning that she came in with wet undies.......she didn't make it to the door in time:(  But this is rare!  She'd much rather watch Wren out the window.  Iley loves to do puzzles and games, and learn her colors or listen to songs.  Wren is bored in about 5 minutes tops. I'm hoping this gets better as she gets more language.  Although her learning style might just be learning through doing..not sitting and listening.....if so .....schools gonna be tough.   They are SO different in most ways, and yet most of the time they get along pretty well........except on those days when they fuss about Everything.  Today they've been playing and getting along great, and are happy most of the time.......the last two days they've fussed about every single thing!!!!  I wish I knew how to be sure and recreate today!! (except the messes) and avoid the last 2 days!!

 I'm not sure how she thinks she's going to get this gas can(empty) which is almost as big as her up the steps.


  1. Wow! And i thought one non-english speaking, assertive to a fault, sassy asian girl was a lot to handle! But add to it an Iley girl and you have your hands full. It will get better in time, and yes, i think Wren will start to be able to slow down and find peace in it. When we first got Cassie home she wasn't content ever. She always wanted to be on the go, go, go out the door and away from home even. And mad if we didn't take her on several outings a day. As you described Wren, i finally understood why Cassie may have had some problems getting along with her - they are exactly alike. But Cassie is becoming one of the sweetest little pumpkins on the face of the planet, that is when she isn't sassing me! LOL!

  2. I totally get your post! After two years home, I would still say that Haleigh is three years old in a six year old body. But when she came home at the age of 4 1/2, I would have placed her at an 18 month developmental level. So progress! :) Haleigh wasn't talking at all when we got her, but is making progress there as well - now at about a 2 1/2 - 3 year old level at speech. AND she was, and still is at times, IN TO EVERYTHING! All while saying, "NO TOUCH!" The application got lost there! And like, Wren, knows where everything is and how to get into it. Scary! My husband and I are constantly wishing we could see inside her brain to understand WHY she does what she does!

    So, yes, I totally get your post and understand. BTDT. STILL there! :)

  3. Wow, I can so relate in many many ways! Some days I just want to run and by myself and then I feel guilty as I know I'm selfish! Ditto on the fussy mama = fussier girls!

    The girls are still not using a lot of English, Gavin thinks he's the boss and of course they want no part of that. It's an interesting trio...with many happy moment and many two against one moments. Fun, fun.

    Praying for you...oh, the colored paper on the steps reminded me on that one stairway in Zhongshan that was numbered and had the foot prints going up and down.