Lonely no More:)
And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Monday, June 4, 2012

Hill Billy Life on the Plains

This my Hill Billy High jump....NO diving!  This special high jump is only available on the weekends, as it's in use for more gainful purposes during the week.

One brave soul joined the Wild Ball players.....who produced Huge waves.......and eventually scared even the bravest out.

She even climbed up on the platform......but chickened out:)

Warming up.
Looking like an Indian maiden:)

Ash had just flipped her top knot, and she was all worried that it was still there.

 Big Brothers are a BAD BAD influence!  and he doesn't look a bit remorseful!

 What are they laughing at???.................
 ............This graceful ballerina:)

 Just some cute faces.

 We took this crew to a little rodeo in a neighboring town on Sat. eve.

 Sat by these handsome little guys:)

This was Sunday Morning, Wren was having so much fun in her full skirt:)  She would twirl around and hold it like this and flip it all directions like a dancer.......she didn't learn this from her mama! 
 Being Silly.

 Couple of cheesy grins.


Sunday for lunch we went to Pizza Hut, Then Troy and I took the girls and went on to Hays to get some Wal-mart necessities.  The boys are saying bye to us as  the head for home.

 On the way to Hays, we stopped at an automatic car wash...Iley was NOT ilmpressed!  She was trying to get out of her car seat and shrieking.

 I snapped these pictures of Kyndahl as she walked through the dining room. I was trying out a new camera lens and I thought she looks like a runway model:)  If her mother is reading this, you sure have a beautiful daughter!  Inside and out:)  We Love this girl.  We are so glad we have the privilege of sharing her with you.

 This is Monday evening now.......Troy and I and the boys and girls took a walk out to the pasture.
 Iley is asking where are the doggies???  She kept worrying about them......actually wanting them to be around!!!!  She ......don't faint.......touched one!!!!!!!!! today.  This should make some kind of headline news!!  They kept running way ahead, chasing rabbits.

Notice how close she is here to the dog:)  She's trying to herd him! LOL. (check out the tan lines she's already got!)
 And.....we emptied their crocs about 10 times each!

 Here she squatted down and emptied her own!!! Without screaching for us!!

 But while she was down there...she spotted some rocks......and proceeded to pile, move, arrange and play with them till we finally told her......come on......we're leaving!!!

OH MY!!! Look how CLOSE she is to the wild Beastie!

 This is one tired little girl!  We took them to the town pool again today.  She went down the waterslides 3 times!!  When coming out of the slides she went clear under water every time!  She's crazy!  and for the regular potty update.......4 times in 2-1/2 hours:(  ugh..this is no small feat in wet one peice swimsuits....X's 2 everytime!
 Love this Man:)
 If you look close, you can still see the casserole left on her chin!  OOPS.....didn't get her face washed after supper.


  1. You have the most fun house! I just love all your photos!

  2. I know you are crazy busy, but THANK YOU so much for sharing your photos and adventures with us!! Wish our kiddos could play with yours for a day! Love, Jen

  3. Wow!! I'm pretty sure my children would be super jealous of your 'hill billy' life!!! Loved the fork-lift jump!!! I, too, thank you for all your pictures and how 'real' you are! LOVE it! (I know you know it, but those girls are gorgeous!) (well..the boys are too for that matter! ;)

  4. Judy,
    I love that each time you post pics Wren is smiling more and more!! Celebrating with you that Iley is getting braver about the dogs!!

  5. Oh so good to see those little ones in a home, with a family, and totally loved! We miss you guys!!!!