Lonely no More:)
And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hero of the Day

The 110* weather is extremely wearing.....and hard on the crops, and people, and brought me some welcome relief today in the form of help!  Ash was off work early because his boss declared it too hot to work unless absolutely necessary........and BLESS his heart.....he spent the day from about 2:30pm. till 9:00pm. helping with the girls!  They swam from 6:00 till 9:00!  They love all their big brothers....and I have to save the big brothers sometimes....the girls tend to think they are their own personal jungle gyms.  

He's trying to help them find a picture or something on his phone, but they won't let him close enough to see it!

 He sat on the floor and played with them.....and laid on the floor and they played ON him......

 Watched Tweety and Sylvester with them during snack time...look at him laughing! He still gets a bang out of it:)...this gave him a bit of a break.....
 They wore him out!  Even hero's need a nap:)  I'm not sure how restful it one else in the house napped.....

Excuse me.....but you have something in your hair....

 jet powered boat?

 Who needs a diving board, or a slide when you have your own launch system!
 Look Mom, I can jump too......
She doesn't get high enough to even make a splash!  But she wanted her picture taken too cause we always tell Wren Good Job!

 The face that's always close enough to get a picture of.......

...... and the one you have to Zoom in on and get in action!
 One  very wet face.........

 One mostly I see water droplets.... maybe she got splashed a little?

 Her hair is WET!.......oops!......Ash got a little wild and she took on some water!'s over! I'm outa here!  She did get back in, but she didn't trust him for a while!

 Acting as a tug boat....pushing one, and pulling the other.

 Here I'll do a pose for you......she signed "take my picture" here:)

These next pictures were from earlier today.......we had a ROUGH morning!  Some start out great, but one little thing can set everything rolling in the WRONG direction!  Wren took something from Iley, and I made her give it back.....uh oh......were we in for some nail spitting, foot stomping, fit throwing!  It didn't work out in her best intrest, and she was just plain mad and undone for a LONG time!  She couldn't get her blankets to spread out right.....the play laptop wouldn't stay open right.....the toys wouldn't move themselves??.....Iley was on her blanket..on and on.....she couldn't cope with anything!  I finally just held her for a while, then decided they needed a change of scenery.....Iley was starting to whine at this point!...... so... in the bath tub they went!  They played there for an hour! (that makes about 4 hrs underwater for Wren!)  She was asleep in about 5 minutes tonight!

I. Can't. Hear......

This is the reason we don't do baths right before bed.......they take on WAY too much water!
More water intake here.....and a so long mates........

That's all folks:)


  1. I love your photos and what a blessing to have Ash come and give you a break! Nice job, Ash!

    I left the girls with Matthew and went for my color and cut! Journey worked a puzzle while I was gone and Kendall and Gavin played. Kendall ended up with a bruise finger from being pinched in something.. .most likely a door as she loves to close/slam them as she enters!

    Today, IAC! Onward and Upward we go! Have a blessed day my friend!

  2. Hey Judy,

    What a nice son you have. He seems like a bundle of fun. ;)

    I always enjoy reading your posts and seeing all the pictures. It's like peering into a well written storybook about the wild adventures and trials of a grand plan of God.

    Praying for your sanity to remain intact and blessings beyond measure...And chocolate for the days when sanity is lost:)

    Much love,

    P.s. Also who wouldn't laugh at Sylvester and Tweety they are hysterical:)

  3. Fun, fun, and chaos. :) Shew. I am wore out looking at your pics. ;)
    So sweet of your big kid to come out and help.
    Love all your pics. :)

  4. LOVE the pic of Wren on Ash's head!!! She looks quite comfy there. Prayers are with you. Maybe some day we can get together with our beautiful Asian daughters (and blonde bios too)!!

  5. Love your days! They look like fun and they look exhausting!! My cameras BOTH broke this week and I am not kidding! Matthew and I both got new cameras the Christmas before Hua Hua came home - both broken. :( I want to cry. I only got some photos of my sister's visit and then I tried to take some on my phone but come on, really?? Who knows when we'll get new cameras. So there may be another wait for more pics.....