Lonely no More:)
And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Harrison came running in and said MOM  there was a baby deer standing right under your bedroom window!  WHAT??  It ran off and we didn't think much of it.  Then Thatcher came in and said the dogs had killed a baby deer:(   In it's dehydrated state, it could run no further, and they had indeed attacked it.  It wasn't dead yet, and we tried to give it some water and milk, but it didn't make it through the night.  Poor little thing!  It was SO cute.  Sometimes I REALLY dislike dogs!

Look at it's poor little tongue sticking out:(

After hearing much clanking, and chatter, I wondered what the girls were up to.....Wren was up on this chair handing most of the contents of the little kitchen through the railings to Iley.  It looks like Wren's taking an order or something??
 Iley was dutifully stacking them on the stairs.  Wren is usually the instigator of their play, and Iley follows along.  I had caught them a few minutes before with Iley's cereal bowl, dipping the leftover milk into all their little the living room:(

After swimming this is what their legs look like!!!  The Sahara Desert!  Does anyone with little Asian people know what lotion works best?  Regular stuff hardly phases it.

While Harrison and Iley were doing this........

 Wren was dogging Dad's every footstep!  She wants to know what you are doing, and if possible "help".  He's telling her JUST WATCH!  as she's trying to touch everything.

 She's trying to touch the junk he's dumping out of the strainer....yuck!

 It's all fun and games until...............
 Harrison and Wren cracked heads:(  Iley wasn't feeling too sorry for anyone obviously!:-0

Afternoon snack on the porch swing.

 Harrison made them a fort.
 Then showed them why they need one:)
 While I was fixing supper Harrison came in and said, Mom, you might want to come out here, the girls shucked their swimsuits and are jumping on the trampoline stark naked!   Sure enough.  ....modesty is an issue we are working on at our house....they didn't come with any sense of it!  Troy came in about then too and took over supper while I found them some undies.  And yes I took some pictures, but didn't want to get turned in for posting them here. 


  1. CAN THEY BE ANY CUTER? I think not.
    Same goes for: Can they be any more stinkerish? ;)

  2. that is too funny! also love the picture of harrison showing them why they need a fort... :) those hands tell the story.

  3. I was telling Anya about the trampoline incident, and she said, "You mean they weren't wearing anything except their hair?!?!" Too funny! Have a lovely day! Jen

  4. How funny, your little nudists! I love all the pics. The girls look like they are doing very well and adjusting!

  5. Judy, Not sure about Asian skin...but the crazy dry skin (white and brown) is only cured by Aquaphor. Expensive and put it on after baths and before bedtime (it is very greasy)!!