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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Monday, June 18, 2012

Dr. Visit

Alleluiah...........:)  That is the sound of me singing praises!!!  Just be glad you're reading and not listening!LOL......i really Can't sing!  These two played all morning together.....NICELY.....without fussing!!!

 It was so cute to watch.  Wren, the instigator of most of their play, went to the basement and came back up with a freezer basket which she then filled with most of their kitchen stuff, and a few extras.  Then they hauled it all over the house.......sliding on these waffle barn roof tiles!  They look kind of like snowshoes or something!  Gwen~ do you remember the book.."Goofy minds the house?"  They made me think of the part where Goofy straps the sponges to his feet to mop the floor:) kind of made me laugh:) Ok:) sorry everyone else... that was a little random.......moving pictures.
 They were cracking me up!

 They hauled it all the way to the nasty basement..... that people with any sense are a little afraid to go doesn't frighten them in the least????. Looks like they were having a picnic.  They spread out fabric, and a towel and were sitting here....until I went to get my camera of course.
 When I came back, they were spinning each other on this chair......taking turns!...and cackling away:)

 I'll just run around with her as she turns!

 When I took this picture they were just dancing on the coffee table.....later I had to get very stern....they were bailing off of it on to the couch!  I'm sure it was grand fun!......but really they can't do this......they can barely walk with out tripping.....this is an emergency room visit waiting to happen!  Then I came back a while later after we had gotten home from the doctor......and caught them red handed!!!  I signed NO, and said NO....and they both dropped to their bottoms like they'd been shot!  Looking very guilty!LOL

Then after was on to the doctor.....Iley was a different child this time around!  She had already had her appointment on Friday and today was like oh yeah....I've been here done this....and it aint no big deal! A little different story than on Friday:)  She did really good, but was NOT quite so chipper!  She looked much more like poor little Wren did today.  I didn't take Wren to Iley's appointment, thinking they would do better each on their own.  I was SO glad that I had Iley with me today though!  When the doctor came in, Wren had the deer in the headlights look.....and if the door would have been open she would have bolted.  Iley was lifting her shirt and pointing to where she wanted the doctor to listen to her chest:) So she listened, and Iley pointed to the other side, and her back! Ha Ha... Then Wren was like...ok.....maybe this is ok....and relaxed a bit.....then the ear check......same thing...Iley points to her ear and tilts her head...So Wren does the same thing!  What I thought might be a bad deal, and was feeling bad that I didn't have the same one on one time with Wren that I'd had with the end, turned out to be a blessing.  

Check out the toe curl!  This girls got some long toes! 

 Notice the picking on her teeth....even her toes are nervous:( Poor baby!  I tried to my best sign and charades what was going to happen, and that it was OK!  But she wasn't buying it!

 She really thought she was smiling here!  That's how nervous she was!  Look at her left hand rubbing the fabric of her of her nervous signs:(

 Almost got a smile here as she tried to pump up the blood pressure cuff on my arm......shhhh don't tell the doctor we were messing with their stuff:)
 Iley was totally relaxed...I think Wren was over by the chairs here gathering Iley's shoes up, and pointing to the door to leave.
 She finally consented to sitting on the table, but certainly wasn't convinced that it was ok!
 Look mom, I'm asleep.

 AHHHH!!!!!  Home again:)  Wren wanted the butterfly wings on her monkey, and then headed outside with him.  She took them off of him and put them on herself, and hooked him on her bike.  I took these out the kitchen window so they wouldn't see me and come in.
 Iley had her wings strapped on her weird little blue dude.

 Then an evening swim with Thatcher and Kyndahl.

 Ummmmmmm..... last time I took a picture of this tube..a much smaller princess was in it:)
 The water bug........
 and the piddle dink...she was trying SO hard to get the hose spout pinched hard enough to squirt Thatcher.
 Look at Thatcher!  He's're still not getting're gonna have to pinch harder....
 I'll try this way........
 I think she finally got him here:)
 Wren didn't mind a bit getting squirted!  But boy howdy if the roles had been reversed.......there would have been some screeching!


  1. Ha Ha....I know that book!! My girls actually have dust mop shoe thingies for the wood floor.

  2. I thought her floors will be so clean with those spongey waffle shoes! The girls look like they have so much fun together. We have our first dentist appointment this week and our IAC visit next week.

    Love all the photos!