Lonely no More:)
And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Friday, June 8, 2012

Breakfast....looks just like supper for Wren.  She doesn't eat cold cereal, or bread, or anything very sweet.....except for suckers.  She's having a hamburger-veggie-ramen noodle casserole.  She loves sausage, and meats.  She'll eat eggs if I serve them to her first....then give her sausage when she's done.  She'll only eat oranges if she's REALLY sometimes while we are waiting on a meal I give them bananas or oranges or's the only time they'll eat them.

 YAY!!! We have one cold cereal eater:):)  She'll eat oatmeal, bread, sweets, and meat.....sometimes.  She turned up her picky little nose at the Chicken and rice casserole we had for dinner yesterday and would only eat the bread and a few green beans.........when she was really hungry about 3:30...she wasn't thrilled to see the same bowl of casserole...that she thought she had successfully up again......but she ate it when she realized that was her only "snack" option.  

 They were supposedly brushing their teeth......but must have got done and moved on to just playing in the water while mom was distracted.
 This is the crazy little water drop dude that Iley spied at the orphanage visit and reached for.  The director, Ms. Zhong gave it to her and told her she could keep it.  Our guide said it came from a clean water expo. that promoted clean water.  We think it's a water drop????  Anyway it was a real life saver a few times on the bus rides with this wild child in China.  She still likes it, but doesn't cling to it like she did there.  It went everywhere with us.

 Just posing silly for the camera.......I think she's even signing's this hand shape in front of your nose, and shakes.

 Wren loves playing this guitar.  She must have seen someone play before because the first time she saw this, she picked it up and immediately knew what to do with it.....notice fuss face in the background getting ready to screach........cause she wants it too.
 See....told ya.
So Wren shared with her.....once she had held it for like 5 seconds.....she was done with it!

 Iley had to get down on the floor and get in the picture with Wren.
 WHY??? out of a 50/50 they get them on the wrong feet 75% of the time???  Doesn't this feel weird to them???   Look.....Wrens big toe is sticking out one of the holes on each side!
 Babba is keeping them entertained so I can slip out and take a walk.......ALONE......blissfully, ALONE....with out two shadows following my EVERY footstep....ALL. DAY. LONG.  Sometimes happily......and that's ok.......sometimes fussing with every step.....and that makes me NUTS!  I am finding out all the ugly in me.....all the selfishness.......just how EASY my life was!  BUT........I wouldnt' trade them for that peaceful existence.  Life is so much crazier cuter now:)

 Hippie mama:)
Putting her Monkeys to bed.

Ash stopped by and ate lunch with us.  I tried to load more pics of this event.....but it's giving me fits, so this is it.

This is the face I see......more than I'd like!  This is the I can't get the door open, or Come see what I'm doing......Can we just add a smile here!!!

That's all folks.


  1. So, so glad I found your blog! How did I not know you had one?? :) It's great to see some Quinter faces and fun to hear about your girls! I have thought about you a lot this spring!

  2. Judy, I'm loving the photos of the girls! Life was much easier but certainly not better. I can so relate to needing me time, it usually comes after 9 pm, then I'm to tired to enjoy it! Oh well, I wouldn't trade where I am for all the tea in China!

  3. Oh, my. You live in a crazy, fun house. :) Yeah, those whining/fussing times would get pretty old. :\ You are doing great! <3