Lonely no More:)
And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Saturday, June 30, 2012

New Job & Hair Cuts

Kyndahl started her new job at the long term care center today.  I thought she looked pretty professional in her scrubs!  Such a cute little nurse:)

She reported this morning that it was a bit overwhelming the first day finding out all the stuff she has to remember.  But it made the time go fast and she thinks she's going to like it.

The whole gang went in to get haircuts....Troy informed me later that he thought he had only booked 4 appointments....not 5!  Yikes!! SORRY KATHY!!!  Bless your heart, you need battle wages when the D. family shows up! 

Here are a couple of before pictures of Wren.....We BATTLE the hair drying and styling almost everyday:(  So we decided to go a little shorter....for quicker drying, and trying to get rid of the ripple in the back.  It looks nice right after it's dried with a round brush.....but then does this.....

I'm going to start with the original and do a progression......this is her "original" hair.  I really hated to cut it!  It was so pretty........but only when it was freshly washed and combed.  Most of the time it looked like this....

 This is after the first hair cut.

And this is the day before the most recent hair cut....this is just 6weeks between haircuts  her hair grows fast!

 And this is the New Do.  Basically the same....with a little more stacking in the back and a little shorter.  We are hoping it helps the ripple in the back....drying time.....and hair in the face.

 A few more bangs....kind of gives her a different look.  So what's everyone's opinion?  Which look do you like best?

They both thought it was pretty neat to get their hair washed in Kathy's cool sink!  I'm wishing I had one of these at the end of the bath tub......!!! 

 She really did like it, but kept trying to lift her head to see the camera!

 Have I said before......they LOVE their big brothers!

 When it was time for ash to leave, she hollered....puckered up and pointed to her lips!  She wasn't going to let him leave with out getting her kiss!

 Bye Ash!

 wrinkle that nose!

 Breakfast today.
And.....the lone ranger.....last one standing.......takes. forever. to. eat!

 They have been dragging these suitcases everywhere since the boys got home.  They load their animals on them, and push or pull them around.  I'm thinking it might be time to purchase a couple of doll strollers.

Friday, June 29, 2012

The Boys are HOME:)

The boys have been in Ohio visiting Grandparents and cousins for 2 WEEKS!  We were all VERY glad to see them!  Troy was only gone for 3 days, but the girls were just as glad to see him:) & me too!:)

 They were both cheerfully helping move them back in!
 We got amused when Thatcher showed up in a plain green shirt!  I had this one on all day....Troy came home in this green shirt....and then Thatcher showed up in his:)  Great minds think alike......or is it that we're all a little strange??
A fun gift from Brooke and Kaci &Quinn & U. Tims  Thanks girls!  The girls put their favorite bows in right away and opened the suckers.......of course:)

 Yep.....they both picked the same one:)

Some Big Brother lovin.

Friends and playtime

My Dear Friend Carol, and her son Caleb, treated us to Pizza Hut!  It was so nice to talk to an adult:)  Troy had left on Business and was gone for 3 whole days....the evenings seemed to stretch out ....SOoo it was nice to have a lunch date and break up the day!

 Messing with the Pop.......
 Watching every detail of the checkout time she will probably be able to do it herself!

 Hiding under the table from Kyndahl??? 

 She's got the gogurt figured out:)

On another walk with Kyndahl.....she looks like she's thinking..."this chick is nuts"
 It was WINDY!!
 Look at my ouchie!

 Wren looks like she's thinking...."What is her facination with the crazy rocks!  Can we just keep walking please!"

 Back at the house.....they have both mastered the art of the rope ladder~ tramp mount.

The static is bad right now since it's so dry!  They had some crazy hair!

Excuse me...... Has anyone seen my mother?

 She is screeching because..................

........he's coming towards me!

 And she knows she's not even safe in the play house!  He actually looks rather smug! He doesn't understand that she's screeching because she doesn't like him!  I think he goes to check out the ruckus.... If she'd just be quiet he'd probably ignore her.

 This was the girls breakfast...........
 They each had a plate like this....2 eggs and bacon.........

 They ate every bite!  I think they each had a gogurt before while waiting also.....and about a 1/2 glass of milk.

 It certainly doesn't make them fat!

 a box with a an endless possibility.........
 Doll carriers are over rated:)

Wren was using the golf club as a shovel was a slow tedious way to fill the bucket!....she had many shows of temper because the bucket kept getting bumped over by her unweildy utensil....she would look at me....mad as a little wet hen......and want me to make the bucket sit up.  I just signed back to her "you do it"  and didn't move out of my chair.  I figure anyone who can figure out how to get a 5 gallon drink cooler up a flight of stairs.....doesn't need my help to level a bucket!  But boy by the looks I got, you'd have thought I was one cruel lady!

The foot wear of choice....always good to be ready for any occasion after all!

A quirky Iley face.

 This is a recipe for disaster!  These shoes are about 2 sizes too big....but she refused to wear any others........she'd already fallen down the stairs in the house and got rug burn on her forhead......add a ramp and a golf club.......I shuddered!

 She made it:)  after several slips and slides that made me shudder!