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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Puting up the pool

We spent the day on Monday puting up the swimming pool.  The girls loved every stage and minute of it!  They "helped" sweep off the tarp, carry pieces to us, and generally make them selves a nuisance helpful.  But such CUTE help:)

We must have totally wore them out!  Last night was the first night that they slept ALL NIGHT with out waking up...... since the day we met!!.....which means that last night was the first night this mama has slept all night in 4-1/2 weeks too!  It's amazing how much better morning appears after a full nights sleep!  10:30 to 8:00am. ........SWEET!!!!! Ahhhhh!  Lets have a repeat!!!  My first concious thought this morning was THANKYOU LORD!!!!!  Not that I only sing praises to him after a full nights sleep......cause He's good at all times.........but.....this was sort of a spontaneous burst:):)  I love my sleep! maybe  it's an idol?  when I pray to tear every idol from this what it means???? YIKES!!!  Ok God......I LIKE my sleep:)  can I have it back now?  I'm finding that the same grumpy person that dealt with toddlers 6 years still alive and well at 2:30am......and 5:30am....  she shows up uninvited???  How rude!  sigh......


  1. How cute the girls are!!!!!! My 4yo wants a tutu suit like them... where did you get them?
    And how well said about sleep... really! I know that grumpy person in the night... I scorn her but she is there. I know that burst of thanks that happens, betraying your... um oh ah ... idol. I am very happy for you fabulous night of sleep! I think we have had one like that too, but it has become history... hoping for you the start of a new trend!!!
    Looking forward to pool pics with water, cute kids large and small, and lots of swimming fun!!!

  2. Wow, you all have a nice big compound there for fun!! That looks wonderful and I love all of your pictures!!! Glad they slept.... oh sweet sleep... ;-)