Lonely no More:)
And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Out door fun

Wren especially, LOVES being outside!!  Iley likes it too unless the dogs are out.  She SHREIKS when she sees them!  Which of course makes them curious so they come closer, and jump up on our legs to sniff this strange banshee...which raises the pitch of the out cry, while she tries to sit on your head.  You'd think they were huge monstrous beasts instead of a the little runt dogs they are!   Wren loves to climb and slide and play in the dirt sand box (we are going to have to get new sand!)  We also need to get another Big trycycle, as they both want to ride of course.  or maybe we should just get bikes?? 

 Smug Gramps

 She acts like she knows how to play this and even turns the pages of the music!  They must have had concerts or programs of some kind at the orphanage....or watched it on TV??


  1. Oh so good to see them HOME with you all:) Praying the jet-lag leaves soon...3.5 weeks later my mind still doesn't work quite right?!...Do you think it MAY still be a touch of it?! wishful thinking huh?!...:) Many prayers for you as you all adjust to a "new normal" May you feel HIS grace, peace, wisdom and LOVE flow thru you to these precious souls!!
    Love you all!

  2. The girls seem to be enjoying their new home! Loved the smiles on their faces!

  3. These just make me smile. LOVE. Okay, I will stop saying that. :)