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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Odds and ends

Feeding Fish.

 Eating Mexican Food in China.  It tasted amazing;)
 The scene of the infamous pants wetting.......and we left the puddle:(
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 At the American Consulate!  It felt good to be on American soil for a few minutes!  The ONLY office with toys and stuff for the kids!  The Ch*nese people are very NO nonsense:(  This was the most peaceful paperwork appointment of the trip!......oh..and NO squatty potties!!!!  YAY!!!
 Our Group from GWCA minus one Dad, and two kids.  They were swimming, and we couldn't talk them into trading that for a picture???? 


  1. Sure wish I could be there 'in the fellowship of perspiration' and - well I love those pink swimsuits too.
    May HE continue to Strengthen.

  2. LOVE all the pics! Boy does it look hot....I'm sure glad we missed that part of Guangzhou but we also missed out on the swimming. The girls are just beautiful! (I know I keep saying that!). Almost home now......just when you started sleeping "normal" right? The blue cup/pot? Are they using it as a hat? So silly! Gotta love it! Enjoy and keep up the good works! Praying daily for all of you. Love, Angela

  3. :) Looks like fun! .....yay!!! You're almost HOME!!!!!!!!!

  4. Oh my word. . . .the INTENSITY of little Miss Iley when she's brushing her teeth, I'm worried for her gums, that she may brush them away!!! :) Saw the SAME LOOK when it's "chap-stick" time!! You did good with all the lovely photos. . . . we, the 'Blog Junkies', sure do appreciate each & every one of them.. . .THANKS!! God bless you with safe,quiet :) :) travels. Gwen said that your parents are at your house!! :) They are soooo excited, as is everyone!! love to the 4 of you. . . -D

  5. Those 2 little girlies are so precious! It looks like you can do girls good! :) They have the sweetest little faces. Miss Iley just oozes orneriness and determination. I think they will fit in well with the "Football Team". When I showed Winston all your pics he says "I wish we could meet them soon"! I am also one of those "Blog Junkies" :) Check it every chance I get to see whats new! Love Love all you are sharing. Praying you will have a safe journey home to those boys. I know you will be ready to all be together again! We love you all! Delk & Shelly

  6. So happy you are almost home!! I'm sure the boys can't wait! Wish so bad we could be there to see you get off the airplane! We are all so anxious to meet the girls :). Give them hugs from us! You must be exhausted! Praying for strength!

    Lots of love!
    Tim & Dix

  7. Hello from three of your Ohio cousins! We can't wait to meet you and play together. We love you!!!!


  8. Thinking of you all today....flying experiences all day long...praying for peaceful (mostly, anyway) hearts all heart will be with you tomorrow as you get off that airplane and the girls meet their new, forever family...waiting eagerly to hear every detail...saw each of the boys in the hospital as soon as they were born...wish I could be there for this "new birth"....but will be in thought and prayer!!

    Always all our Love,
    Gwen and all