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Friday, May 25, 2012

Need Advice!

Ok, calling all parents of 3-6 year olds.....WHAT do your kids do to entertain themselves all day??  I need some suggestions of things they can do WITHOUT in GO play.......or is this just wishful thinking?  I'm not saying they have to go FAR away from me......just not need my input every two to three minutes! 
We have coloring books......not interested.....they have a play kitchen which they do play in some....dolls......not interested....legos, they play with some........sand box, won't go out without me or the boys, and we spend most of the time dumping sand out of their shoes....cause they won't go anywhere without their shoes........they play with play dough for a few minutes, but that always involves me as well......don't get me wrong, I'm ok with some togetherness....but I can't do this all day....lunch has to be fixed, and cleaned up.....supper fixed and cleaned up......laundry....some cleaning for decency's sake......

Now calling all Moms/Ladies...and men if you have good taste:).....I need some hair advice!  Wren has a MOP of hair!  It is beautiful.......when it is clean.......and combed.  BUT.....she HATES to have it combed, or allow me to put accesories in it.  It's a Daily battle.  Sooooo  what suggestions does anyone have for peace, and looking presentable?  This is her hair with nothing in it, and uncombed......which suits her fine, but drives me nuts.  It's always in her face, and in her food.

 It also does NOT lay straight....  It has waves in the back. and is kind of fuzzy when she has slept on it.
Should I??  or would you just trim up the ends? Would you?? Which one would you pick??  Keep in mind that she has a very round face.  Please leave me your vote and comments, or suggestions, in the comments, or email me!  Thanks for your help!









 Or a little longer with some layers?

And I'm thinking to trim up Iley's like this, or # 6.


  1. I recommend you get a timer and start having your girls play by themselves 60 seconds at a time. For example, have them sit at the table for 60 seconds with crayons and a coloring book. Let them know they need to sit there and color for 1 minute. Once the timer goes off, give them a treat (M&M's, Skittles, hugs, kisses) and then allow them to get up. Work up to 10 minutes. Here is the deal though, you have to be there when the timer goes off.

  2. I like hair #8. Bangs keep it out of their face w/out putting anything in it. the downside, bangs need trimmed pretty often. She will be cute whatever u decide. I got them red cowgirl hats today at yard sale. maybe they'll like those. Hans doesn't play well when hes home by himself but i thought maybe since u have 2 it would go better. Whenever yer ready 4 someone to watch them let me know. even for an hour or whatever. bring them over to see our new chicks sometime soon!!

  3. I like #4 and #7!! Haylie has had her hair cut like this before and we LOVE it! Also, get some "fun" detangle spray (right now we have Smurfette:). Maybe give her a choice....either she combs it...or you do. Just some suggestions;)

  4. First of all, I know and remember having to play with Hua Hua! Remember my pleas?? Saying, "I can't sit on the floor and play barbies on more hour!!" They will start to extend their time of self entertaining and you will have to say, "figure it out!" a little bit more because it is tiring being the party host as well as house mom!

    Ok, with the hair, definitely go with bangs I think for Wren or grow them out long enough to pull back completely, one or the other. If she has super thick, and wavy in the back like you said, then don't go too short and layered or it will just bush up! A longer bob or keep it long enough to wear a ponytail. My oldest daughter had very thick, wavy hair growing up. She complained everyday, but I had to comb through it, get the tangles out, and pull the front back in a clip, or clip it to the side, or the whole thing in a pony tail, everyday. Wren will have to get used to that.

    I like #6 for Iley, that will be adorable!! I think the last one might be a little too short and I think sometimes the little girls think about how they always had to have their hair buzzed in the orphanage and she might not want to go that short. But #6 is just right and so cute!

  5. I think 8 ....bc it looks easy to manage...maybe? :) You are a wonderful mom...hang in there!

  6. Yes, definitely a little bob on Wren. Sonya is just getting old enough to care what her hair looks like. When she was Wren's age I needed to keep it real short because she was jsut like Wren. I will send you a pic of Sonya with a bob.

  7. Hey Judy! We have a vote:) Mom votes for #2 because it will be short enough on the sides to not get into her mouth and bangs will definitely cut down on the "in the eyes" issue. I like #1 because it still has bangs but it's long enough to put it in a small ponytail if necessary! Her hair is beautiful but if it's not worth fighting that battle just cut it. It will grow back:) P.s. miss their cute little voices! ella

  8. Haleigh, after two years home, is able to play alone now, but she had no idea of HOW to play when she came home. And when she gets something new, she still needs help in how to play with it. Just not enough exposure to toys at Z. She did love duplo (large lego) blocks, though, and would play with it for awhile when she first came home. She was four when we brought her home.

    She also didn't like her hair fixed, either, but her hair was still pretty short. Sitting still to have it cut at that time would have been a disaster for Haleigh, so we just let it grow and slowly she let me start to style it. Now she wouldn't think of leaving the house without a BOW! And she loves braids now as well. And I vote for bangs! Love them on little girls and they soon grow up and don't want them any more!

  9. We have 4 kiddos ages 20 months to 6 years. I don't do anything alone!! And you probably have a good year until your girls will play by themselves for any length of time. Will pray for you!! Also having had a RAD kiddo in our home, them wanting to be with you every second is AWSOME! HUGS!!