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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Learning new signs

We are trying something new.....brainstorming on how to get new signs across to Wren as soon as possible!  She needs these to catch up, go to school, and be Happy!  She doesn't know this.  She isn't really all that interested in learning them.  But she is learning whether she knows it or not.  Anyway we watch a sign language DVD at bedtime, and sometimes repeat it for several nights, or in the morning if they are really sleepy and don't seem to be paying much attention.  So I decided this morning to make a list of all the signs we learned.....and go find real live, or physical examples of the sign.  Today our list of signs were.....
park, playground, rollerskate, swing, picnic, kite, slide, climb sand, helicopter, boat, motorcycle, stamp, mail,  library, bus, school, story, book, office, retaurant, firefighter, police, slow, fast, store, buy, money, work.

If anyone has other good ideas on how to get her interested, and the signs to stick.....let me know!

On our way to Dairy Queen~restaurant

 I'm signing smile....she was NOT very happy and about to get herself in trouble here!
Sherman helping unwrap straws.  He was my helper on this venture:)
 Signing stamp and Mail here. We sent a card in an envelope, and took it to the mail box. Look at the sour look on Wrens face!  She is always so huffy when I make her LOOK/listen. She was doing something else, and was NOT impressed! But she's always doing something else, so sometimes she just has to listen like it or not.

 On the way to the mailbox.  Wren is happy now cause she gets to carry the envelope!
 On the way back we signed fast and slow, and walked sloooooow......then ran fast!

 Doctors office.  She's not signing here, she wants to carry the papers I have to give the receptionist.
 We were lucky enough to catch the doctor on her way through, and sign doctor, and get a picture.  Thanks Dr. Shelly for taking the time!
 At the Grocery Store.
 We had to "buy" some suckers.....and some snacks for later at the pool.

 At the town pool....the water was FRIGID!!!!  The big pool was even colder! Oh, and for those who asked, the tutu swimsuits are from.........Wal-mart! Ocean Pacific brand, $8.94 I believe:)
One braved the cold.

 One was quite content on the edge with her cups!

Always picking or scratching something.

 Oh my goodness her bottom is actually in the water!
 Big brothers make the best pool floats ever:)

 Finally reduced to shivers, blue lips and goose bumps!  Ahhhhh a warm towel on the hot cement....bliss.

 The breakfast crew.  Sherm is usually the last one up, with Iley a close second.

 And last, but NOT least.......the biggest activity of the day!!!  She always looks like she's going to fall in, and her undies, leggings and shoes have to be all the way off!  I know....she's going to hate me for this some day, but it's such a familiar sight around here.....and they never worry about  shutting the door


  1. I can just imagine trying to get those busy bees slowed down enough to concentrate on the signs. But I like that you are having them watch a video every night. I started having Hua Hua play Chinese learning games on the computer because she has almost all but lost her Chinese language. :( The tutu swimsuits are adorable, Hua Hua has one almost like that! I wish she could come and play!

    1. I would love for you and Hua Hua to have a play date with us!!! That would be so fun to get these crib, playgroup mates back together in totally different circumstances:) Just give me a call and we'll get it set up..........I WISH:)

  2. I'm sure that you know about can download videos etc. Maybe you can get some ideas off of there. Once she realizes that she only gets stuff when she signs she will be more willing(maybe). Reward her anytime she signs on her own and remember she is just a few weeks into the whole language/communication thing. It may be that she has "survived" for five years without it and she doesn't realize how much she "needs" it.

    1. Signing time is the videos we are watching! But I will check their site for downloads! Those would be great for the ipad! thanks:) I know, I'm trying to remember how far she's come! It's just that I want her to understand so badly! She sits at the dinner table, and taps my arm and then moves her mouth with no sound and waves her hands to mimic the conversation she wants to be a part of.

  3. All of this happened in ONE day? :) Oh boy.
    Wren cracks me up with her unenthusiastic learning experiences. I know it is not super funny to you though---but nice you can make light of it. :)
    Praying she gets the desire to enjoy learning how to communicate better.
    I'm thinking that these pink tutu swimming suits need to become like mandatory girly adoptee attire for all future adoptees. ;) So cute.
    Saw your parents this weekend at A.M.! :)

    1. Yep! all in one day......BUT.....this is not a typical's actually much more laid back than usual.....KIDDING! Whew...after 4 potty breaks in 2hrs at the pool..... I don't think I left the house the next day!