Lonely no More:)
And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Thursday, May 17, 2012


This sight makes me SO happy!!!  They went off BY THEMSELVES....and played for at least a half an hour without fussing, or needing me!!!!   Thank you Lord for this answer to prayers!  I have been praying that they would become good friends and playmates, and truely sisters!  This gives me so much hope:)  These pictures are from yesterday.

 Mild crisis when the sunglasses broke....but Babba was on the way home  from town, and stopped and got another pair......Hero!  all is well.

This morning Harrison got his dirt bike out and wanted to see if the girls were afraid of it.......NOT!  They LOVED it!!!  They did really well taking turns!  They would sit on the picnic table, or watch from the end of the sidewalk for the dirt bike  to reappear. and yes they usually wear helmets, but as he was putting around with them, and he can actually see better without, we decided it was probably safer not to in this case. her high water jeans!  Going to have to find a bigger size.  This girls got long legs.

 This is supposed to be a dress!  Looks like a tunic:(  Kind of cute with her motorcycle jeans though:)
This is a true Iley quirkiness shot!

The wind had done a number on Wren's hair, so when we came in I recombed, and put it in a ponytail.  She objected mightily to having her hair combed..... if this continues and it's a battle may have to go:(  anyway we told her she look beautiful when she was Iley decided she wanted a ponytail too..... she LOOKS like a cricket with antennas now!LOL


Or maybe like a red fire ant?? We caught her RED HANDED in the PINCH action!!!!  Poor Wren!


  1. Wren seems pretty immune to the "ant", as you put it! Cute, cute pics! Jen

  2. your girls are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!