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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Hair is CUT!

Thanks everyone who voted!!!  It was fun to see what style everyone would wasn't much help cause you guys were all over the place!!!  Almost every style got  a vote:)LOL  SOOOO.... here's the final out come.


 Not a drastic change here, but definately shaped a little better.

These pictures were taken last night.....on the way to Hays to Wal-mart, and supper....and just to get out of the house!!!  We are trying to break them into carseats by regular Hays trips.  For entertainment, I rigged up a string between the two front seats and hung the Ipad on it. (I thought I was rather clever to think of it)  So Tom and Jerry entertained them the whole way there and back.  We couldn't figure out why Iley was determined to get two inches from the screen....then I checked the settings, and they could barely see it because it was so dark:(  I'm surprised they watched it at all.

Eating at Jalisco.  Thatcher and Kyndahl ate with us, they were in Hays picking up their "new" Goodwill couch:)  Their first purchase for their future home:)  The last time we ate at Jalisco was the day we arrived home with them!  They, and we enjoyed our food MUCH more this time!  Wren ate all of her half of the quesadilla, all of the enchilada, Iley wouldn't touch it!  She wanted it clear off her plate, thank you very much.   I had to give up most of my rice to them as well. 

Kissin big sister kyndahl.
 and dad

sorry no pictures of the other boys;)


  1. I love the haircuts! Thanks for blogging! I love following along!

  2. Wow, those haircuts are downright gorgeous!!! Love those precious babiesss!!!!!!!