Lonely no More:)
And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Get your's a book:)

Ready to go to a baptizing......the 3rd one they've witnessed in the short amount of time since they've been home.  I wonder... if they wonder.....what this strange American custom of dunking people in the water is all about:)  Don't you love the purple shoes! Perfect for a Cricket.
 Notice the cute flower pin on Wren's shirt......thanks Ella:)

When we got back from town, they didn't want to get out of the car, so I pulled the key, and turned off the dome lights, and they played in the car for a half hour or more.  I took these out the kitchen window so they are a little blurry.

 I knew it would happen, I just didn't know when.....they went to the shop on their own to find Babba.....I snapped this out the kitchen window as they were headed off hand in hand, courage bolstered by in crime!  uh oh!  Babba calls and says " Come get these two....I can't get anything done, and they won't be quiet so I can talk on the phone........REALLY????"

Sittin on big sis eating milk yet....and she eats all the marshmallows first...pretty typical.

Nice!  a tutu and a arrows though!
 Cutest little archer I ever did see:)

 Just because I like the pink against the chartruese chair.

 Pure rottenness!.......but o the charm!
I snapped these after we got home from our jaunt to Pizza Hut.  Our outings are always fraught with adventure......potty adventures that is.  When we are about 5 miles from our destination we get a wild Potty sign from miss Cricket.  I sign back to her and tell her.....just wait we're almost there......more signing....more wildly.......then with a distressed look she lifts her skirt and peers below.......yep.......we are TOO LATE!!! what!  Lest you think we are cruel, please know that they had went to the restroom just minutes before  we left the house.......and Pizza Hut is only 20 minutes (tops) away.  SERIOUSLY????  good grief!  I forgot that Sherm had given them each a couple of bottles to play with in the tub with which they repeatedly filled and drank............yes they drink their bath water......and no they haven't died yet......and yes I think its gross too, but I'm not willing to fight that keeps them occupied for large amounts of time.  ANYWAY....we had to make a pitstop at Dollar General for some different bottoms for the culprit......while i'm shopping for Iley, the potty call comes desperately from this time Troy is taking NO chances, so he takes her in while Iley stays in the car with Ash and the littler boys....  Needless to say the selection was small, and not nearly as cute as the tutu......but we opted for a pair of pajamas that at least hopefully she will wear again.  She had the cute little sweater above on with flowered pj bottoms.  Oh well much for trying to make them look cute huh!

And a couple of pictures of the unsung heros!  these guys do a marvelous job helping to entertain!!  Love these sweet sweet boys!

  Maybe we should call her American Express....instead of Cricket....cause..she's everywhere you want to be!  She always gets VERY close to what ever she's looking at.....I'm thinking we need to check her eyes.....except that she can find the tiniest hair in her food or bath water?????
 Yep, those are the pj's she wore to Pizza Hut.

Butterfly wings go on your back not your head silly.
 Lets see if we can get the straps around his nose!  Thats Funny!

 We might feel sorry for him if he didn't eg them on so much!
Still alive!
 They were loving all the guests at their kitchen!  using the throw blanket as a table cloth......they have never seen a table cloth in this house...wonder where that came from???   They were serving up food to beat the band...... Funniest thing......Wren served Ash some food, and he started to eat it.....she stops him and makes him fold his hands first!!!! Be still my heart:)  When you think about the fact that she  has no idea  why we do this......and can't actually hear anything during prayer time.....I have to say...only GOD:):)

 I do hope all the little chairs hold up.....can you say Goldilocks...."and she broke it all to pieces"......
 Classic Iley Cricket screachy fuss face!

 She can sit squatted like this indefinately....true Asian:)  I don't remember ever seeing Wren do this, but they are built so different.  Wren is much sturdier.  Some where along the evening Iley had a mild accident and got her pj bottoms wet.....since she had hers off....Wren had to shed hers......every thing happens in 2's around here!

Puzzle GEEKS:)ha ha! 2000 pieces! sheesh.....I would like to be able to use my table in the next year guys!
 Awwww.....they're so cute:)


  1. Love the post and the photos! Your home seems like a very fun place!

  2. Good book! My coffee got cold before I finished it!:) Love, Jen

  3. I got my coffee, enjoyed the book!! Every minute and every stinkin' cute picture!!! Love it!!!

  4. Ok. . . .Ok . . .Ill give you the PURPLE shoes,(they are cute for a cricket) just don't let it became a habit or an epidemic!!! If you buy matching shoes for yourself, or for any of the male persons in your household, I WILL send medication to Kyndahl- so that she can slip into your drink!!! :) :) :) wonderful update!!

  5. OH WOW! your home looks like the funnest place to grow up! PRAISE THE LORD FOR HOW WONDERFUL IT LOOKS LIKE THINGS ARE GOING!!! you are doing one fine job, judy! and making me super anxious, ya know!?!