Lonely no More:)
And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Dumpling Delight

A dear friend from Ohio brought Dumplings for the girls from their favorite Chinese restaurant.  Thanks Denise:)  The look of delight, and joyful anticipation while they waited for the dumplings to warm up was so fun to watch.  Sometimes the girls can't be in the same room with out fussing....pinching (Iley pinches), or annoying on purpose.....and other times they get along so well.  They definitely bonded with each other over their dumplings and noodles!  They scooted their chairs as close as possible, and placed their drinks touching, shared the dipping sauce......made this mama heart GLAD!  She also brought lots of Asian dishes from Jungle Jims....thanks for shopping for us Lynette, and Steve!  They also LOVED the little strawberry Koala cookies you sent:)  We all tried them......they are TASTY!  Good pick!

 Eating Bacon and eggs for boys are like NO FAIR!!  You never fixed bacon and eggs for us!.......yeah well....they won't eat cold cereal......yet:)  We are working on that.  yesterday they had ramen noodles for breakfast:( 

New aprons for everyone from Aunt Morya!  Thanks!

Just one of Cricket's quirky expressions.
  The entertainment crew!  I LOVE these people:) they give me a break:)
 Darling Bird cages from Ella:)  They had pictures for the girls of all their family, their names and meanings in Chinese, lip gloss, Hello kitty band aids, glowstick bracelets, stickers, candy, hair accessories.....and more!  They love carrying them around by the hook too. Thanks El


  1. I have loved reading your blog Judy!! I am soo excited to meet your little girls! I even dreamed about them repeatedly the night before last! So happy for your family and for your sweet little girls!!

  2. Happy Mothers Day my dear!:)- Hadn't checked in for a few days & just thought I'd take a moment to do that!:) How fun it was to read "several" posts! The girls are so dear & what a HUGE blessing that your older ones can give you a "break" when needed! Looks like they are settling right in! Still Praying....

  3. Happy Mother's Day Judy! The girls look great, and I absolutely adore those Bird cages!

  4. Happy Mother's Day my beautiful friend! Wow those bird cages are beautiful! Yes, I made scrambled eggs and white rice, and yes, sometimes ramen noodles too, for breakfast for many many weeks! At first, Katie Grace did not like the taste of cereal or oatmeal and it even took her awhile to enjoy bagels. Now, if she eats cold cereal, she will only eat Cinnamon Toast Crunch, she does like brown sugar oatmeal and bagels with butter or jelly, but scrambled eggs are still her favorite.