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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Monday, May 28, 2012

Daily Life in KS

 My view from the kitchen.....sometimes It is still sort of surreal to see these little brown babies in my tub!  They had drained all the water out of the tub, but didn't want out??  Iley's lips are BLUE from being cold!

Professional noodle eaters!

 Cute hair.

 Iley has an ouchie on her toe!!!  Wren loves to "pet" facial hair....she loves beards.LOL

Lazy Sunday afternoon.
Wren LOVES to be outside, and she LOVES playing in the water!  Iley on the other hand will happily watch out the a cat....

 Okay mom!  That's enough! What are you doing?  Just putting your cute face on the blog for interested persons:):) Hee Hee!
 Initiating Micah (a family friend) into the world of 5 yr. old girls!LOL

 "helping" unload the "new" couch.

 She woke up this morning in a pensive mood.  These are the times when the language barrier is so hard! I wish I could talk to her.  Was she missing her China mom?  Was she feeling sad? Did she not feel good?  Just tired? Feeling the lack of language?  Are some mornings hard cause everythings new again? 
 Don't ya just want to kiss that little face:)

 While I was trying to figure Iley out.......I hadn't heard this one for a while.....she had found the ipad, turned it on, and was watching pink panther on utube!!!! She doesn't miss anything!  She's watched her big brothers get to pink panther, and remembered! Gonna have to keep a close eye on her....or hide the ipad! 

 HAPPY DAY!!!! We get to ride in the car!!! (with out seat belts....shhhh....just around the corner with Dad to get milk at the dairy.).

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