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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Friday, May 25, 2012


Harrison (the normally elusive one with pictures) and I took the girls for a long walk out to the pasture.  We walked the cow trails,

 and climbed in the cow feeders,

slid through the gap....because this is one mean gate!  It will jump on you, and kick you in the shins! and yes Harrison and I did a Houdini act and wiggled through too!

 Climbed the gate.....just for the experience....
 Hi MOM!

 ran down ......and up some hills....Had some disagreements on which direction we were going to walk....Wren wanted to go the other direction, but was out voted......this is her snit fit face!  Not nearly as hateful as sometimes!  This girl has the most angelic face......but boy does she have some cut you dead looks!!!  my oh my!

and this one has a few mean mugs too!

OH MY GOODNESS...we have an OUCHIE!!  SERIOUS i tell ya!
 messing and worrying.......
 Look Mom.....see it's awful! .....There IS a tiny dot on her thumb side if you look closely...
 better, but still a big deal!
 See my poor hand.....she wouldn't wash her hand all day.  Every time I would suggest it, she would look at me with horror and point to her band aid.
 This water bottle is Wren's new favorite toy (it changes daily)  She wore it by the strap across her chest, and then wrapped the hose around and tucked it in the strap.  She figured out how to do that all by her stubborn determined little self.
We also took a long 4-wheeler ride with big sis Kyndahl.  I drove, the girls were in the middle, and Kyn sat on the back to make sure Wren they didn't stand up on the seat, or fall off.  Thanks Grandpa D. for letting us use your 4 wheeler!  We saw 8 BIG wild Turkeys and a deer on our journey.  Then jumped on the trampoline for a while.....then baths and bed.  Of course there was much play kitchen activity.....I ate enough brownies and cookies to make a person sick......they never seem to serve me veggies?? Maybe they DO know my appetite:)LOL

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  1. HAHA! Those little gals are something else. Sure wish I could have met them. :)
    Sounds like you guys are having some great adventures out there in the wild west.