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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Zoo & Mexican Food In China!!

Another day in China.  The girls are doing a little better each and every day.  The language barrier, the age, the energy, all play havoc on Mamma and Babba, but we are doing better each day.  Wren is sleeping with Judy and Iley with me.  Wren finally slept quietly most of the night.  Not so much for Iley.  She sleeps, but she flips, flops, twists and turns.  I just try to give her as much room as I can and we get through. 

Yesterday was a big day, Kelli, our awesome guide, took us to the zoo.  It was so interesting to watch the girls.  Wren was fascinated with everything.  Iley on the other hand, screeched at everything.  If something moved. she screeched.  She was okay to be there, riding in her stroller, but don't have her look at anything. They had a place where you could feed the giraffes branches.  Wren was right in there.  She loved it....Except for the time the giraffes long black tongue touched her.....she wasn't too sure about that.  We went with the other Great Wall couple that adopted in this province.  Their little girl, Caroline, is in this first picture with Wren.

 I think they were looking at a lizard or snake of some sort.  As you can see, Iley is nowhere to be seen.

Off to the orphanage visit. Please keep us in your prayers.  I think we are bonding well enough, but one never knows.  I wanted to post more, but the girls won't allow it at this point.  Love to all!!


  1. Cute hair...looks like you are having fun! -Addy :)

  2. praying for your Z visit and the girls!!!

  3. By now, you have probably already been to the orphanage. Hope it went well. <3
    Glad to hear it is going good.

    1. trying this again to see if I can post....:\
      Oh thank you so much for the update!! We are just praying and praying for you all!!! He is faithful and will see you thru this intense time that feels impossible at some moments...Trusting the O. visit went ok! You will always be so glad you could do that. Thinking of you so much!! May His amazing grace and strength continue to be yours as you cling tight to His hand!! We love you...the Skiles':)

  4. It is so funny how the girls are so different from each other. We loved the zoo, I remember!